Empty Page

I stare at this empty page and I don’t know how to fill it

I’ve written about the hypocrisy of Trump and Pence and the Republican Party

I’ve written a bit about how this election affects our children (or for me my nieces)

I’ve written about how Trump’s words can have an impact – for example he says if you’re strong you won’t have PTSD – what a crock….I have my own with memories of mum and her ending.

I’ve written how my own experience and that of my friends, colleagues with sexual harassment and how it has impacted my life and how I want a different life for my nieces but my 17 year old niece is already dealing with it. Thursday night at the DNC was not the thrill it was supposed to be because my niece was almost assaulted while serving ice cream and almost the exact time as Hillary’s speech. Some man decided that her being well endowed was cause to want to touch her breasts and he tried – just like Trump talks about trying to grab a woman’s private parts. How do you respond to the trivialization of sexual assault? That is NOT locker room talk – it’s validation of a male dominated world where women are objects.

So what do I add?

How do you talk to people who will justify anything? How do you talk to people who live in alternate reality? How do we find common ground when they think that Hillary Clinton is a liar and the proven fact that Donald Trump lies almost constantly is not believed or not a factor.

I don’t think people are irredeemable but for some the deplorable label does have traction. If you are racist, misogynistic, bigoted or… it is deplorable. And saying that almost all of us have some form of implicit bias isn’t insulting America it is contributing to a conversation that we must have.

Do I switch and talk about my books? I wrote a series, called Star’s End that imagined a future where 5 incredibly rich families dominated and then destroyed the United States and almost the world. It’s a four book series:

And I surprised myself by the underling theme that we are Stronger Together. Do I go back to my home as a science fiction/fantasy writer – I’m working on my next series (Nights Angel).

I love politics and policy. I desperately want to find ways to make a difference. I spent my working life in the world of weather and climate and getting the message of climate change and climate action through to the Republicans who are blocking action is another thing that I write about and try to make a difference about. I try to write about the importance of the National Weather Service and how it is threatened in these days of austerity and climate denial.

I feel lost and discouraged. I see a lot of hope but I also see a lot of hate. I see change but I also see regression. When I hear Make America Great Again – all I hear is going back. When I see Republicans trying to push back voting rights I get discouraged. When I see a lot of people voting early I get encouraged. When I hear all of the lies I get so discouraged. When they go unchallenged I get more discouraged but then I see people focused on getting out the truth I feel better.

When my cousin posts that she and her husband were woken up last night because someone shot at their house I get discouraged. She thinks it was someone hunting whose shot went astray – I wonder what was someone doing hunting in a neighborhood after midnight… and I worry for her husband who has PTSD after too many tours in Iraq and Afghanistan…

I need to maintain hope and mostly I do. It’s close to mum’s 2nd anniversary – she passed from Pancreatic Cancer on 15 November 2104 and memories close in on me…

Tomorrow I’ll have better words….



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