Child’s Eyes

I hate to ask

I don’t want her to see

She’s seen so much already

She’s still innocent and yet so wise

She already knows about bullies

She’s already been bullied

She’s forgiven

Her bully grew and changed

How do I explain that the man who mocks a woman hasn’t done the same

She already feels separate because her hair is curly

How do I explain a man who judges women by their looks

How do I explain that he may be her President

I ask her carefully

Not the way I would in a normal year

I don’t want her to have seen

She says that kids at her school talk about it

Who’s for Trump they ask

No one raises their hands

She goes to a school of mostly black and brown children

Who’s for Hillary they ask

Everyone raises their hands

I don’t go further – I don’t want to ask if her friends are afraid

They shouldn’t fear their President

But I know that at least some will

Some of her friends parents may not be documented

Her school is about diversity

I don’t want her to know

She sees the eyes when a SNAP card is used

She knows that stare

I can imagine the words because her cart is full of greens

There may be seafood there

I know the judgment there

Her young eyes should not

Why should she know struggle

Why should she know hardship

Why should her takeaway be that hard work leads only to hardship

Why should her eyes see judgment

How do you teach her better when an adult running for President is not

How do you explain when a man speaking badly of a woman says SHE deserved it

How do explain to her that this is not the way it should be

How do you tell her not to lie when the man who could be President lies so much

How do you tell her not to make fun of someone when he physically mocks

She already knows better

She never would

This is not who this country is but how do I tell her better

When a part of me doubts deep inside

I hear the chants

I hear the hate

I can’t tell her she is safe

I can’t tell her that the police will not be a danger

I can’t protect her

I can’t protect those innocent eyes

We can show her though

We can show her that we are better

We can show her that we are stronger together



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