My Mum – Two Years Ago

Another share from my Facebook page. My heart is breaking today and I need an antidote to pain and to hurt and to death and destruction. My mum was that antidote for me until Pancreatic cancer stole her from me at 76 years young. She was my best friend and I miss her everyday.

I just put up a long post and then this came up as my memory of the day. This was mum, not quite the day where we found out that the chemo wasn’t working but we knew she was dying. She wore that smile every day. She wore joy every day. In a world that is hurting to much, that smile, her love is needed. We need to embrace everyone and put those small, awful people who want to do harm into the closet that they have earned. We need to not make this day about hate and fear but about love and embrace. We can’t keep hating.

Malala wisely told the President to send books and teachers to the Middle East not guns and bombs. We have to be brave enough to do that. We have to be brave enough to see that these are one offs. They kill a lot of people but it is one, or two or ten. We also have to put all of our killers into the same pot. If you have to call it terrorism then do – call them all domestic terrorists and put them in the closet. It’s only terror if we let it be.

15 July 2014 

My mum is gorgeous!!! Just saying : )

Elizabeth Lessard's photo.

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