Star’s Renewal

StarsRenwalIn Stars Renewal, the stunning conclusion to the Stars End series, the Lady Captain A.J. Summers and Callin, Captain of the Guard and General of the People, must break the final ties that bind them to their people as they prepare for the final battle that could end the game that controls the universe. But first they must bear witness to the ending of the last universe, the one that gave birth to the spark of uniqueness that made this turning of the verse different.

On Earth, Scott, A.J.’s brother, is struggling to find a way to protect Earth and her last colonies from total destruction. A.J.’s companions make their way to Earth and offer their aid to Scott and his Grandfather. Will A.J. and her companions find a way to defeat both the Enemy and the darkness before the Earth is destroyed or suffers the ultimate betrayal from within?

Join me in the final book of the Star’s End series. It was a great ride and I was surprised by the ending. I hope you are as well. I don’t know if A.J. and her crew have further adventures in my future but there is a new series almost ready. In Night’s Angel you will meet Jason, half-vampire, half-elf in a time very similar to our own. I hope you give the Star’s End series a try and if you like it drop my a note here, on Twitter @Nataya, and especially on Amazon, your stars and review will help spread the news of my book.


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