Stars Ending

StarsEndingIn Stars Ending, the third book of the Stars End series, the earth’s history is still not what the Lady Captain, A.J. Summers, knew. Her twin-born is corrupt and the Enemy has conquered the earth. To change this history, Sharaan and Leana must return to their home in the hope that there they can find the key to restoring A.J.’s future. Even if they are successful A.J., with the help of Callin, Captain of the Guard and General of the People, must still find allies.

At the same time, A.J. has discovered that she cannot rejoin her friends. Much as she wishes it were not so, A.J. has found that her fate is to join a much larger fight, one that will determine not only the fate of the humans, but of every being in the universe and those that live beyond, the ones that style themselves as gods.

I hope that you enjoy the third book in my Stars End Series. I love this series and the characters in it. It went in many directions that I did not expect myself and they will hopefully keep you engaged and turning the pages. The book is available in both hard copy and kindle editions on Amazon. If you like it I would appreciate feedback both here and especially on Amazon and, of course, please tell your friends.

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