I wouldn’t be so scared of this election if it wasn’t built upon weeks, months, years, and yes, even decades of lies and…

Suddenly, seeing Donald Trump and hearing his “actual (and disgusting) words”  has gone a step too far – for some – Hypocrisy

They have spent years, really decades, back to the creation of Fox news, and even before manufacturing lies, developing quite literally an alternate reality

These days you can almost see them twist themselves into pretzels to justify what they do, what he says, while condemning everything the democrats and most especially Hillary Clinton and President Obama do

It’s not just about Trump, in reality the Republican party is Trump – they tend to use better words and try to hide/disguise their intentions, their prejudices, their misogyny but it is there

Consider Senator Jeff Sessions who says that grabbing a woman by her genitals “may not be sexual assault” – he doesn’t know how it would happen – let me tell you how it happens – a man reaches out and touches you where you do not want to be touched – they put their hand up your shirt or down your pants – try it – YOU WILL NOT LIKE IT!!!!

Imagine a female presidential candidate talking about grabbing a man by his private parts – Hypocrisy

Or all the people who say that what Trump says – this latest being just one example – is just talk – it’s just words – it’s just locker room talk – Hypocrisy

No – those are not just words – those words (in a locker room or not) carry power – they are a justification – un-countered they tell others that those words and it naturally follows those actions are ok – hypocrisy

It’s not only hypocrisy its a bad message for our kids – even now the words are being normalized in a way that is distinctly disturbing – in the same way that watching people with darker skin being killed by police is being normalized. When something is repeated over and over again it is given more weight.

We need to teach boys better, that it’s not ok to talk about women that way and it’s certainly not ok to do those things but how do we when it’s brushed off by so many as “locker room talk” and a simple half-hearted regret the words but…

Consider that Hillary Clinton has been called the words untrustworthy, unlikeable and dishonest over and over again since the day she announced her run for President. Consider that fact checkers have shown over and over again that Hillary Clinton has been the most honest and factual candidate in this race. Consider that no male candidate (as far as I can remember) has been called untrustworthy, unlikeable or dishonest. Consider that no male candidate is asked why he is unlikable. Donald Trump has been given billions in free advertising and just about the only time Hillary is mentioned is in a negative light and then she is asked since Donald Trump is so awful why she isn’t doing better… I think that goes beyond hypocrisy but…

Hypocrisy – saying that a quick apology by Donald Trump is worthy of absolute forgiveness – while no amount of apology will serve to give Hillary Clinton forgiveness for whatever it is they think she is guilty of – what hypocrisy – only certain apologies, certain people are allowed that forgiveness. Even now, he’s laughing those words that speak of sexual assault off as “locker room talk” not worthy of attention and his “Evangelical Christian” supporters are right there with him. It’s not about religion, or respect, it’s about white male control. Hypocrisy

Hillary Clinton has shown us who she is over the course of her life. When she makes a mistake, uses the wrong word, sees that (in hindsight) her actions or a vote or a word brought about bad results she apologizes. Those apologies, heartfelt, are seen as artificial, political, not worthy. Hypocrisy

Over the last year and a half – Donald Trump has broken every societal, and political norm yet constant media attention has driven him into a position where he could become the leader of the “free world” Republicans/conservatives – those who claim that their religion should dominate all despite the separation of church and state that is a bedrock foundation of our country have thrown their support behind this man. Proving that all of their so-called morals are fungible as long as the person they support is going to restrict certain rights of others. The same people who passed a law to keep transgender individuals out of bathrooms (imagine Caitlyn Jenner in a men’s bathroom) laugh off the idea of Donald Trump grabbing a woman’s genitals. Hypocrisy

When I hear a Republican say that they don’t agree with Trump’s morality necessarily but they have to protect the constitution. What does this mean? What do they want? I can imagine – no right to choice – meaning women die in back allies – no marriage equality – what harm is done – but Donald Trump’s three marriages… just fine. What do they really want? Back in the 1950s that marriage equality was against white folk marrying people of another race – the white nationalists that support Trump want to take us back there. Is it the people who are still angry that they lost the civil war? We know that the Republicans are working against voting rights is that what they mean about the constitution? Is it guns? They want to be able to take any type of gun, that can fire as many rounds per minute as possible, any place but only if they are white? What do they want? It isn’t about morality. It isn’t about our constitution, a living document. It’s about control. Hypocrisy.

The men who impeached Bill Clinton for lying about having an affair were themselves having an affair or like Denny Haster paying off men who had he had sexually assaulted when they were children. Or like Rudy Giuliani is married three times, telling one wife that he was dumping her at a news conference. These are the type of men who appoint themselves as judge on Hillary Clinton. They are the type of men who lead chants of “lock her up” because Hillary well because she existed. Chris Christie has abused his power – think bridgegate – but he feels perfectly free to judge Hillary Clinton guilty – for what??? Hypocrisy

I can go on and on – Donald Trump who very clearly had extra-marital affairs, has been accused of rape multiple times, who has basically admitted to sexual assault, who has said that he was able to go into a room with naked women and ogle women because he owned the beauty pageant, who has insulted just about every non-white male in this race and many white males seems to be forgivable because…. And then attacks Hillary Clinton because she was married to a man who had affairs or because she made a mistake. His bankruptcies, tax returns, business entanglements, loans, contracts, obligations are off the table but Clinton Foundation… Hypocrisy

What is more insidious though is that this is the Republican party as well. Note the men I’ve mentioned above. They throw judgement and take no responsibility. The Republican party has been building an alternative world. One where Obama is a “dictator” and “ineffective” – at the same time, where the US is less well regarded than it was during the Bush years, where we are doing nothing in the “war against terror” so that President Obama will be a failure, where science is false, where facts don’t matter. Hypocrisy and something more. It’s about having the first black President be a failure. It is about refusing science when it would inhibit profit. It is about rolling back regulations because profit – forgetting that when profit ruled our rivers burned.

Beyond the hypocrisy is the need to preserver our children’s future, to give them air that they can breath, water they can drink, food to eat, and a world that isn’t warmed to a point that the human race cannot survive. It’s about giving them people that they can look up to as leaders of the country. It’s about compromise. It’s about the dream this country was built on. A constitution that was designed to be a living document one that could grow to acknowledge that slaves could become citizens, where women could be seen as equals, where LGBTQ citizens were given the same right to love – this is what I fight for and why I keep trying.



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