The lies are wrapped so deep. What do we keep?

Depressed, despair

How do we move forward, how do we survive?

The lies are woven into the blanket of this country

What do we do?

Darkness has been woven into light that shines out of our soul

A country that was a shining city is mired in darkness

It was always there

Freed now (again) to ride free

Justified because… lies

A reality that lost its facts

A slippery, slide that began how long ago

I try to find that point

I think it was tobacco, maybe, maybe it was earlier

Did it get worse with climate change?

Did we deny science before these two   events – I want to say no but then I think of the other “facts” that were bandied about

That a black man, a woman of color, was lesser

The races should not mix, slaves held, was there ever a shining city

The last years, with a black president, it seems to be worse

The Party of NO

The Pretzel Party decided that there would be no success

Where there is success they will not acknowledge it

When faced with war they will only attack – not those this country fight – but the President

When has that happened before?

Success in jobs – its not enough

Success in healthcare – lets rip it apart

Economic collapse averted – not enough

Plans to help further – no more

Immigration – we won’t do it

Just say no – it used to be a cry against drugs

Now it is a cry against progress

Now it is a cry against the President

Judges – NO

Supreme Court Justice – third co-equal branch of justice – just another political football

No respect

The tendrils of dark falling through our country, tearing at the government

The media – journalists – the 4th estate

So buried in the lies – a mountain built over years – how do your recover

The doubt, the disbelief, facts ignored

Reality ignored

Everyone allowed their own opinion but you can’t own the facts, you can’t change the facts, yet they do

How do we survive

How do we regain our footing?

How do we fight free?

Who are we?

Are we slowly becoming better?

I must believe so

I want to have hope but the lies…

The anger, the hatred, the false equivalencies…

I’m so tired

My words are failing

My believe is failing

I must have hope

I must see the light

I have young girls that I love

I want to believe that they will live a better life

I want to believe in the shining light

I believe in HER

I want the power of the female

A different balance to ring free

If we follow a man who has taken everything that those who hate, the Party of No, the Pretzel Party, the Republicans can throw at him and held his head high with a woman who will do the same maybe

But we have to admit that the Party of No, the Pretzel Party, the Republicans have woven in the their lies

We have to admit that they have woven their darkness, their hatred, their lies into the story of our country

We have to change the weaving

We have to seek the light

We have to see each other

We cannot hide

No more darkness, no more lies

We can argue about the how, we can argue about the policy

But we have to accept the truths

We have to accept the facts

No more repeating lies

No more telling lies when there is a truth that is known

Opinion must be that

Fact must be fact

We must remember that we are stronger together

In my dream, in my hope

We Reach to the Stars, We Reach Beyond the Stars


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