Another Excuse

It was 10 years ago – they say

It was locker room talk – he says

I’m sorry – but… – he says

What do I say?

How do I tell a young woman that things won’t get better??

How do I tell myself that she already knows this??

My stomach is sick, my heart breaking

It was supposed to be better

We were supposed to be learning, getting better

Deaths tell us not

A rapist who gets months in jail tell us not – because why ruin his life

What about her?? We Cry…

The calls fall to silence

Our cries fall to silence

Their behavior justified, their behavior turned away

He said he was sorry, but she…

But she….

She deserves  to be crucified

How do I explain that

He is forgiven before he even asks

People twist in pretzels to defend him

They use those same twists to accuse her

Every action of a lifetime is either something she can be accused of or blamed for not accomplishing

With him – well it was five minutes ago, five days ago, five year ago – so in the past

To be forgotten, to be forgiven

How do I tell the young women that I love that an accident of birth will leave them vulnerable

That they will not be believed

That actions against them are to believed less

The men who act against them to be believed more, to be excused more

Their rights are less

We know it true

We know it for those who are black

We know it for those who are brown

We know it for those who practice a different religion

We know if for those who practice no religion

We know it for those who love differently

We know if for those who were born differently

At what point do we say that the ones who act are the ones who must change

Change is not going  back

Change is not restricting rights

Change is not blowing things up

Change is accepting

Change is believing

Change is equality

Change is strength

Change is together

We are stronger together

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