Questions and More Questions

I have so many questions. There are so many unanswered threads. I see so many problems with Donald Trump and his current installed position. I have questions about the ways that the Republican Party acts. I have questions about how they are being funded. I have questions about how they interact with Russia and other countries. I have questions about their relationship with Fox and other outlets. I have questions about why they lie about almost everything. I have questions about how Facebook, Wikileak, Russian government, and the Trump campaign all seem to be pulling in the same direction; with all appearances of working directly with each other.

So I’m going to start a list – I’ll organize it as I go along – today and for the next few days it will be more stream of consciousness. If you have additional questions, comments, or events that should be added please let me know.


Added 24 March 2019

  • Why not release taxes? Why isn’t it under audit?
    • What happens if IRS finds serious problems?
    • Would we ever know?
    • Shouldn’t audit results be released for both a President and a Vice President
  • Trump Jr, Kushner, Manafort meet with Russians around email that says meeting is about Russian government efforts to help Trump elected.
    • Why didn’t they report this inquiry to FBI – either at the time or when they were informed multiple times that the Russians were interfering in our election
    • Why reply – “If this is what I think I love it”
    • Why the refusal to acknowledge Russians interference before the election
    • If those attempts paired with were clearly going on before
    • Why schedule speech about Hillary’s “crimes” which didn’t exist – just after the Trump Tower meeting and then cancel it when there was no dirt
    • Why did Russians move onto DNC hack release and how did they know what to release and when
    • What was doctored in those releases
    • Post-election
      • Why did Trump create a lie covering up Jr’s meeting right after private meeting with Putin with no US personnel present
      • Why do that when Jr was about to release his own emails
      • Do Trumps/Republicans commit crimes in the open so they can say we did it in the open so we didn’t really mean it
  • Why wasn’t Flynn charged with the more serious crimes that he committed?
  • What about the Turkey ordered kidnapping – where is the follow-up and explanation about that
  • What about the continuing effort to sell nuclear technology to Saudi Arabia – that was initiated through Flynn by all appearances.
    • Was the effort initiated by Jared or was Jared involved?
  • What about all the attempts to set-up a secret back channel to Russia that was to go through Russia embassy – not our own government

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