The Privilege of Running – Beto to Stacey addition

I was/am a Beto fan don’t get me wrong, but watching his roll out today just reminds me of the privilege of being a white male running. No platform but a belief – no labels I was just made to do this. Sounds like a younger more in touch Bernie.

Beto’s announcement today was all happiness and glitter. He was in a van, being chased, how quaint and how open. He was starting a listening tour and didn’t want big events because he wanted to just listen. How authentic that is. What a concept starting your run with a listening tour. Okay, so yes, I’m still let’s say unhappy with how Hillary was treated and how essentially the same start was treated oh so very differently. More than that I’m just really tired of how differently the white men are being treated in this race. They are getting the majority of the coverage and it is spectacularly different. I was listening to MSNBC and yes, there was the occasional questions about what does Beto stand for, but mostly it was what a natural politician he is and how he can just go all the way and he’ll reach the legendary Republican swing voters who are riddled with “economic anxiety”. Then there will always be the little swing about how Hillary should have just…

But I digress. The famed B’s have the majority of attention. They are the ones that everyone has been and are waiting for. They’ll mispronounce Julian Castro’s name because he hasn’t been around for a long time or anything and we can’t pronounce the Spanish name correctly because that would just be… the right thing to do.

But I digress. I’ve still not heard that call for Bernie’s tax returns. Or looking into his early writings. Or his lack of a record. Or calling him out for the things Hillary was called out for only he was in office when they happened. But he’s raising money … again.

But I digress. I don’t know how we do it but we have to change how coverage of our Presidential race goes forward. It’s like the non-white male candidates are covered with a totally different looking glass than their male candidates and it has to end. There should be strength in numbers but then there is the B’s.

So I’ll begin my clarion call. Before there were the boys with the B’s. There is the woman with the A. Let’s draft Stacey Abrams. She was as successful in her race as Beto was in his. She’s got a record of legislative achievement. She’s a proven leader, especially in organizing and fighting voter suppression. She’s got gravitas and experience. She understands struggle. Nothing Trump says is going to stick to her and he’s going to look ridiculous trying. We need to break barriers. We need to do something that says we are changing. We need to rebuild respect both domestically and internationally. Any Democratic candidate will be able to do it but Stacey Abrams is the right prescription for all that ails us. I think.

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