Riddle Me This – When is a Crime a Crime

If you rob a bank in broad daylight, with no mask on, and say you didn’t do it despite everyone seeing you is that a crime

If someone says that they could shoot someone on Fifth Avenue and get away with it – is that a crime – if you are President and did it – could you be prosecuted

If you are black and female and accidentally vote while on parole – you get five years in jail – if you are white and female and accidentally vote while on parole while being involved with election scandal, are you charged and for what

If you are white and get caught for something like bank fraud and defrauding the United States of America – do you get a smaller sentence than you would if you were say a black politician with similar charges

If you are Hillary Clinton and your husband has a non-profit foundation that helps millions, saves lives, and it receives donations from around the world that is somehow above the ken and something that was worthy of horrific concern – not sure how – I’m going to donate to your husband’s foundation so he can help millions of people??

If you are Donald Trump and you are lying, obfuscating, and just doing business out in the open with Russia, with Saudi Arabia, with China that is just fine and is just doing business and don’t look at this too closely and we aren’t allowed to ask about that. Federal money being spent at Trump’s businesses – what’s the problem. Trump’s daughter starts a foundation – or a fund – can she do that cause she was banned from serving on any Foundation’s board or is that just in NY. But she has a security clearance meanwhile back in time the Obama’s take a vacation…

Oh you get the idea…

Imagine any of this happening where the people are reversed

Imagine Chelsea Clinton taking a meeting with the Russian’s after they said hey here’s this thing we’re doing to help your mom. She doesn’t call the FBI. She lies about it. Her mom lies about. Then they admit it all, say but we weren’t conspiring because there was no dirt. Oh and we were hiding a deal we were working on in Russia. The Clinton’s were skewered for taking donations from overseas.

Oh yeah, and just wait for the next part. When Trump goes after the people he says are guilty of almost treasonous acts. Don’t think he’s talking about the National Security Adviser who had a meeting where they were talking about kidnapping an American green card holder, or selling nuclear technology to Saudi Arabia (we do have an idea how the Republican’s would react to that one…). It has a lot more to do with the enemies list that the WH has already sent out. Oh yeah, imagine a Democratic President sending out an enemies list to news outlets to tell them not to let these Republican Senators on TV.

Oh and if your husband meets with the Attorney General and her husband to chat about golf and grandkids – it’s a national emergency. But if the President fires an FBI Director, two Attorney’s General, and goes after FBI agents – that is … I won’t say it because it just takes us one more turn down the rabbit hole.

It doesn’t touch on all of the other people who are treated differently. It speaks to a problem in this country that runs deep and we can’t talk about it because Republicans can be charged of no wrong while Democrats are expected to apologize for a slight misstep. Where white and black, male and female, rich and poor. It doesn’t stop. We have to talk about it. We have to reckon with it.

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