Riddle me this – Why Not Stacey Abrams

The United States is in freefall. The Democratic leadership has suddenly decided that impeachment, while warranted, is not worthy because the Republicans in the Senate will not convict. It would be hard. They’re going to do the investigations but blatantly illegal behavior every day will be allowed. There are people who are above the law. Manafort’s sentencing says the same – 1/5 the sentence just because he hadn’t been prosecuted until now. We’ve caged children, kidnapped them from their parents, violated international agreements, our reputation is at an all time low among the international community. Most of all our country is shattered. Donald Trump isn’t even capable of pretending care for those who did not vote for him. He’s a national embarrassment. We need help.

If Hillary Clinton had not been scapegoated for winning more votes than any white man in history, while her opponent received fewer votes than Mitt Romney, she should have the respect of being that candidate. She has the international standing and reputation to bring the country out of the tailspin it is in. But the way that she has been treated cannot be overcome and it will continue to be a stain on our country.

With that I look across a very talented pool and I think of those running and those that still may run. I like Amy and I think she would make a very capable President. Every time I listen to Elizabeth Warran I know that I would work for her. Kamala, Cory, even Uncle Joe they are all of interest and all would bring their own excitement. I’m kind of over the will he or won’t he of Beto and it’s phenomenally unfair that he gets all the attention of the almost wons. Of all of them – the one that I wanted most is Stacey Abrams. She is a leader. She fights for the people, because she is one of the people. We need someone who will bring grace and gravitas to the White House. We need someone who has that feel of a natural leader. If we’re going to shatter a marble ceiling let it be the one that slaves were forced to build. We need to do something that is as different and ground blazing in a positive direction as Trump was in every possible negative direction. I don’t see his attacks landing on her. She’ll respond with strength and dignity and be able to just put him in his place. The playground bully will look silly flailing against Stacey. So I begin to make the case.

Let’s draft Stacey. I think she is who we need. We’ve a strong team. What we need is a Captain. We need a capital L Leader. Someone who will truly bring gravitas to our capital and who will lead from the heart and the head.

So Run Stacey Run.

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