Any One Thing

Any one thing would blow the lid off of any other administration.

How many times have we heard that? How many of us know that is true and our nerves go up another octave as we wonder what has happened to our country? How did we get to this place? A place where the Republicans, who questioned anything, and everything, that President Obama did no longer care, about anything, as long as it’s done by a Republican. A place where Hillary Clinton was hounded for decades. Where Benghazi, something where I’ve never been able to understand what the issue was (past the standard review of a disastrous event), was cause for years of investigation after investigation, where hearings and outrage was purposefully manufactured and driven by a political purpose. A designed outrage from day one, dedicated from day one (almost hour one) to hurt President Obama and, shortly thereafter, focused entirely on Secretary Clinton.

With the advent of Donald Trump, his Republican administration, and state run TV there are just reasons and circumstances and outrages and direct violations of the constitution and, with so much, nothing happens. No one (or very few) seem to want to take the first step to regain accountability for something, anything.

We have to wait.
It doesn’t matter because we already know and he was elected.
It doesn’t matter because the Republican Senate won’t convict.

When did everything quite mattering. Donald Trump Jr. wasn’t afraid to say it out loud. What happened in 2006 before we knew we were going to get into this mess and so it can’t be a crime, they can’t be held to account. Or that a crime that happened in the past shouldn’t matter because it was the past, or because people knew Trump wasn’t a good person and he was elected anyway. Or even if there is crime it isn’t Trump on the phone with Putin outlining an entire conspiracy. Or that they are too incompetent to commit crimes. And perhaps my favorite but you can’t indict a President. That last one is based on a policy – not a law – not our constitution and implies that a President would be above a law. This is followed by but, of course, no one is above the law, but we can’t do anything.

So nothing really matters anymore…

Just this afternoon

In a throw-away line, at the end of a show, you kind of hear…

Trump has been meeting with the Fed Chairman to push him to change Fed monetary policy.

Just that – right there – should be cause for enormous alarm and I’d argue impeachable when paired with his public airing of the same opinions.

Pair that with just one other thing say – emoluments violations – so frequent and so obvious that the constitution and the men who wrote it are spinning in horror and we should have impeachment underway, but, what’s the use, the Republican’s wouldn’t convict, and you can’t indict a President and so we end up in a place where

Nothing really matters anymore…

Isn’t this where Democracies come to die?



Something matters, something stops, we say no


Impeachment is a tool, established to keep Democracy healthy, not to overturn an election.

No One is Above the Law

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