Flip the Script with Liz – Chuck Todd Addition 26 Feb 2019

Congressman Matt Gaetz threatens Michael Cohen one day before open hearing about Donald Trump.

Chuck Todd’s take – wow that was a really nasty tweet by Matt Gaetz. Then he goes into how we are separated into different clans, there is no bi-partisanship anymore, much less interaction between the people in the parties in any positive way anywhere because Democrats (irrationally) hate Trump so much. Then implies that the hearings tomorrow are simply because of hatred and Matt Gaetz tweet was mean and the Democrats should really open their minds and work with (read give in to) the Republicans because the Republicans are unreasonable and nothing can be done about Trump so get along. He didn’t say it that way but it’s what he always implies. It’s what many people imply. The Republicans aren’t giving in so we must twist into pretzels to do what Republicans want. He will then follow up with lots of talk about all the legitimate concern about Trump and the laws he is violating, the children he is caging, the worry about what he will do with North Korea, illegal declaration of emergency, and just his lies, about everything in any way. Then he will go onto say but there is nothing we can do about it. Oh, and now he’s slamming the Democrats for using Michael Cohen as their first witness because he’s so “flawed”. Kind of like the man who hired him – he didn’t say that part.

So let’s Flip the Script

Republicans again threaten Michael Cohen as he testifies about Donald Trump’s alleged illegal behavior. Democrats fight against the Republican propaganda machine to bring light to facts that America must know. Whether these facts eventually clear or convict the President remains to be seen but all known facts to this date point toward widespread illegal behavior. Follow with Republican obstinance continues to damage the workings of this country while Democrats exercise oversight and try to move legislation.

Practicing butotherism is as bad as but what can be done. It’s not the job of the media to encourage the idea that there is a free for all out there that is equally the responsibility of each party. It’s not the truth and it’s time to Flip the Script and quite starting with the State TV propaganda line that this is a two sided problem.

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