Flipping the Script

Human Trafficking edition (Mitchell Reports)
22 February 2019

Breaking News – Robert Kraft 

Robert Kraft is accused of soliciting prostitutes as one of well over 150 individuals charged of using women who were brought from Chi and trapped into a life of what is being called prostitution. These women have been forced into prostitution through a human trafficking ring. Andrea Mitchell (@mitchellreports) concluding phrase is Robert Kraft is involved with maybe a misdemeanor charge, but, she makes very clear there is no indication that Kraft was part of the human trafficking scheme.

What was missing – Flip the Script

Trump has been making human trafficking one of the major crimes his pretend emergency at the southern border is meant to solve. Remember the women in the back seats with their hands tapped and tape across their mouths not coming through ports of entry, instead they are in those super fast trucks that turn right or left? That BS put out by Trump minimizes the reality that women like the ones used by men like Kraft and others are coming through airports, most likely, boats possibly, but they did not did not come over the southern border. Missing the connection. Not calling out Trump for that propaganda nor showing the reality of human trafficking, not even mentioning Trump’s propaganda is how we got where we are. Not only must lies be highlighted but every chance to show the truth must be taken. In fact, every story should start with truth and not Trump/Republican lies.

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