Things to Remember – 18 Feb 2019

While watching #MTPDaily

We’re hearing how Putting told Trump that North Korea didn’t have ICBM that could reach the US

Of  note:

  • Trump has said more than once that he talks to Putin all the time
  • Trump is known to have at least one unsecured phone – how do we know how often Trump and Putin talk?
  • The White House doesn’t tell us about Trump meetings with Russia (or with anyone) – we usually find out about international meetings from the other party
  • We don’t usually get readouts of meetings/calls and when we do they conflict with readout from other party or are to fluff to matter
  • Trump has confiscated notes from his translator with stated intent to destroy them which violates that Presidential Records act which is a crime
  • A crime would qualify as a high crime or misdemeanor
  • Oh and Trump was under a counterintelligence investigation when he was inaugurated
  • We the people were just not informed of that either as candidate or perspective president – seems kind of important

And that was just from one block

Also from MTPDaily

In discussion of Trump’s fake “national emergency” it’s important to remember that the $5.7B that was Trump’s demand wasn’t in the 2019 President’s budget. It was a last minute figure pulled out of someone’s arse and did not come with a budget justification or any plans on how the $$ will be spent.

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