Democracy Dying

It’s your own fault

You can’t accept the results of an election

The Democrats are making us do it

I feel like President Sexual Assaulter has spread that feeling all through his party

No context is allowed

No facts are allowed

Reality is not allowed

No matter the electoral college selected the current occupant of the White House not the people

No matter the Russian influence campaign

No matter that Trump may be collaborating with the Russians

With Republicans I probably have to stop there I would add

No matter the Voter Suppression

No matter Republican propaganda

No matter Comey interference

But they are still just thrilled that they won and they get what they want no matter what the circumstances

I feel like the victim of abuse

It’s your fault

You made us do this to you

From the Republican Trump Administration

The home of the Sexual Assaulter In Chief

I’m tired of it all

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