Remember – Sanity

I just saw a press conference

Two men from the Senate Intelligence Committee

They spoke of a threat to this county and to this world

They did not attack anybody in this country

They did not say that our country is damaged and broken and awful

They did not try to defend themselves against attacks that were not being made

They did not attack the reporters

The reporters did not attack the men

Nobody presented lies as if they were facts

In fact I heard no lies uttered at all

In the America of today it was something that was


We are living in a fever dream

Everything Trump and the obsession with him and his antics and the breaking of everything that was is destroying this country far faster than I could have ever imagined

The daily Sean Spicer show







Trump moments



“Fake News”


Scripted and Smirking



Over the top

The Tweets



Paul Ryan




Has an agenda

Wants to hurt people in an attempt to give them freedom – they can do anything that he says as long as they don’t have an abortion nor want maternity care food for yourself or your child or health care


Do you remember not to long ago when governing was done by adults

I do

I remember a President who knew how to separate personal from the professional

I even remember a time before the Republicans became the Party of No when Congress worked

The Democratic Party still works

Listen to their speeches when they are arguing for people’s health insurance and thus their health care

Listen to them in hearings

They are professionals

Some of the Republicans are serious

But not enough of them

Paul Ryan said it himself

They don’t remember how to govern

I don’t know if their fever is breaking for at least a few

What I know is that Donald Trump cannot be President

He doesn’t know how

I don’t trust him

I don’t trust Sean Spicer or Paul Ryan

Our military seems out of civilian control

The Executive Branch seems to have no Congressional Oversight

And the next Supreme Court justice nomination was outsource to the most conservative groups possible and we’re told to just accept that like everything else

I say No

Just NO

This is not normal and we can’t pretend like it is

Donald just asked if we have heard of Susan B. Anthony as if we didn’t just because he just learned doesn’t mean the rest of us don’t

He is disgusting

He said that he likes to grab women by their private parts….

I can’t stand this person…. that pretends to be president

He can’t represent our country

This is not our country

I want my country back

He doesn’t understand anything

I want the grownups in the room

I’ve never been so scared

Every day that we are doing permanent harm

Every day that we aren’t helping

Every day that we say that refugee might be dangerous so we can’t help

Every day that we say that we don’t have enough to give

Every day that the very richest among us say that they will not help the very poorest

Every day that children are kept home from school out of a fear

Every day that children don’t get that meal

Every old person whose meal never arrives

That child that starves in Africa

We are better than this

I don’t want to say we were

I see this happening before my eyes

I don’t agree with it

I don’t know how to stop it

Not next year

Not next month

Not tomorrow



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