Another Day

So today

Sean Spicer yelled at us through another press briefing

We have no right to ask questions it appears nor to shake our heads

Asked one question he answers another with a circular set of worlds that have no relation one to the other

Then its back to the same nonsense

Same stories

I saw my state’s senator saying that the Democratic Senators were out of line for questioning a Supreme Court nominee

I hear a lot of people telling us that we should accept Neil Gorsuch, with $17M of dark money working to put him on the court, without question because it won’t change the balance of the court

They also say that it doesn’t matter because he isn’t a conservative judge or a liberal judge he’s just a judge

So either the first is true in which it would be insane for the Democratic Senators to not fight this or if it doesn’t matter and Merrick Garland would have been on the court


  • The reason that the Democrats ended the 60 vote threshold was because Republicans weren’t confirming nominees for either executive branch jobs or federal judges
  • The refusal to confirm or even give Merick Garland a vote was unprecedented not the idea that Neil Gorsuch might get filibustered

Now just for the record the balance of the court was meant to be 44th Presidents pick so that was mean to be a more moderate approach – ie – not letting the guy be fired and blackballed for saving his life and in the favor of the kid with autism or and don’t forget that corporate religious beliefs can prevent millions of women from getting simple health care

Neil Gorsuch went to great lengths to hurt these people deciding to go to the dictionary to defend his decisions rather than going with commonsense.

So this isn’t letting the status quo be

It is a purposefully changed outcome

We didn’t hear that the Senate is debating allowing Montenegro into NATO

We haven’t been hearing about all the rules being rolled back through an arcane legislation

We don’t know about the bill that wants to impact school lunches for kids

Most of all we don’t know if our President has been corrupted or is in cahoots or however you might want to put it with Russia

We know Trump has loans from China

Owes money to Deutsche Bank

We know that he’s received large cash infusion from Russia

His daughter and son-in-law went off skiing in Aspen supposedly with the Russians instead of being there for the health care fight – cause spring break you know

I’m really sick of it all

The majority of us didn’t vote for Trump

The majority of us didn’t vote for the Republicans

They are destroying our country, our environment, our world at the behest of the very wealthy

There is something very wrong

How do we stop it


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