I’m Not A Pundit

I’m neither pundit, nor analyst, not politician, nor reporter, not a paid protester, nor lobbyist

I am a business manager with 25 years experience working at a non-profit partnered with government agencies to improve meteorological and geoscience education worldwide

I a citizen and I have eyes

American doesn’t have a two-sided political problem

I think that has been categorically proved within the first 60 days of the Republican Trump Administration

The Republican Trump Administration

They are not two different entities

They are one

They are the problem of an assured minority rule in a majority

The Republican Trump Administration is what the  founders warned us about

The so called Freedom Caucus are a recalcitrant group of Republicans who do not compromise

They have been causing the log jamb since 2010

Before 2010 there was some compromise since then the only legislation that has passed has been emergency when Republican leadership has been “willing” to lean on the democrats or totally non-partisan “issues” like naming post-offices

The Freedom Caucus are extremely conservative

The Freedom Caucus are from gerrymandered districts

They will not compromise

They will not give way

They will walk away from every deal possible

The majority of America is simply not that conservative

Some people are willing to do or say anything over their social issues

Some people are willing to do or say anything to deny others what they think is theirs or what they think they deserve

A good number of those people, if they can ever set aside their prejudice and their fear, might see that the just want what everyone else wants – a good life for themselves and, in reality, I think they do not understand how invested the people on the “liberal coasts” are in helping everyone in this country

They aren’t infected with the hope that the immigrants, the black and brown people who had a different path, feel about this country

I think it’s something hard for those of the south to understand

There is a hope that infects the African Americans in this land

The immigrants in this land

The brown people in this land

Despite everything, they believe desperately that there is hope, that we are that better place

It’s what immigrants feel

The liberal coasts

The liberal cities

The liberal states

It’s what Khizr Khan feels

It’s what made Donald Trump tremble with fear and anger

It’s hope

It’s believe

It’s the dream of America

People don’t want to lost their health care

They don’t want what the conservative Republican bought and paid for want

They don’t want what the Freedom Caucus wants

They just want to have things a little bit easier

The Democratic Party wants that as well

The Republican Trump Administration don’t know what they want except to take

What was the goal of the Republican health care plan beyond giving tax relief to the very rich and taking Medicaid away from the working poor and supplements from those who are slightly above that level

Helping America has to be part of the goal

Governing has to be part of the goal

The Democratic party want to do that

The majority wants to do that

The Republicans need to get on board or get out of the way

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