Young Activism

Hello All
I’m supporting my niece in raising money to go to the Million Women’s March. I’ve spoken of her in some of my previous posts and I’m incredibly proud of her. She works hard and does everything she can to support her mom and help out with her little sister.
She is a young activist and going to DC for the Million Women March would be a great experience for her. If you have a little financial flexibility please consider helping to support her. She has a fund raising goal that will let her spend some time in DC and participate in other protests as well as visit monuments.
She is 17 and spent Thanksgiving day on the front lines at StandingRock. We need to grow the next generation of leaders and she is the type of strong woman we need leading us as she grows up.
I’m an incredibly proud Aunt and would love to get her to the Million Womens March in DC. Now more than ever we need activists. We need young people who are engaged. We need young  people who care.
I want to nurture that spirit of civic engagement in her.
Many thanks in advance for any help you can give her.

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