There was a day

There was a day years ago now where a mistake was made

When our land was attacked by men, not a nation

We responded as a nation with a big army and great fear is wont to do

We set that am on a task and in doing so we gave men without honor, who never the less lead nations, an excuse

We made it easier to attack a person because of their religion

We made it easier for a bad leader to call a person fighting for their lives a criminal

Imagine a 17 year old blowing up a bridge

Would you call him terrorist

Would you call him a freedom fighter

Would the color of his skin matter

Would his religion matter

Would your answer change if the year was different

What if it was 1940

Would your answer change if year was 1940 rather than 2016

Would your answer change if the persons race or religion changed

The day we declared a war on terror and invaded not one but two countries we gave every person an excuse to hate, to fear

We elevated terrorists

We let them win

We gave into terror

And we gave every dictator a new weapon

Can we recover or has Democracy died


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