Darkness Falling

Broken, bleeding, heart in shreds

Grief unending, terror unbending

Hope evaporated, thought destroyed

Wanting, praying, hope destroyed

Love gone

Love unending, thoughts unbidden

Love dies with hope

Dreams die with hope

Visions given, dreams bidden, fall unrealized

Grief rises, anger, defeat, thoughts fail, hope falls…

Broken, bleeding, heart in shreds

Screams, tears, thoughts unending, grief unbidden

Hope, love, dreams

Where, how, why

Hope, needs, love, light

Grief, despair, darkness

Vision darkens

Hope, losses, despair

When does it stop

Stand up, get in the way, sit down, make some noise

Grief, action, despair, hope

Action, gone, Action

Loss, death, despair

Hope, love dreams

Which Falls, Which Flies

How do we decide

Strength gone, Hope falls

Life, love, hope

Goddess help us find a path

That leads forward

Into life, into hope, into love

Grief, fallen, pain, despair

Backwards, falling, hopes, breaking

Hate Kills

Hate Destroys

Pain, despair, loss

Needs, love, comfort

Arms gone, Comfort lost

Destroyed, gone, unbidden

Love, help


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