Why America…

You say you are the silent majority and yet you are the minority still…

The majority won – again…

The majority spoke and you The Minority claim victory

You say that you might not have liked Trump’s language, his morals, his views, his hate speech, his sexism, his misogyny but…

You say you just wanted change…

You say you just wanted to blow things up…

You say…

You want your America back

You want your Government back

You say that you are offended by that One time that Hillary Clinton said that those who were racist, misogynist, sexist, bigots, Islamophobic, hate filled were Deplorable…

Did you take that as an insult and a badge of honor?? Did you say that because Hillary said that people who supported Donald Trump who fit in that mold were deplorable – the KKK, white nationalists, people who think they can touch a 17 year old’s breasts because they are big or because they are there… that she was insulting you??

Were you able to set aside every awful thing that Donald Trump said over the last 18 months because you wanted things to be different and well a grenade thrown away from you isn’t going to blow you up – but all the other people in the way – well that isn’t your problem – you want things to change and who cares what else happens

You want Your Government back

Maybe you didn’t like Hillary, maybe you believed every lie told about her, maybe her voice was too loud, she knew a little too much, she didn’t feel Presidential, she didn’t have the stamina to be President… Maybe it was because you didn’t trust her….

But you were willing to trust the man who lied constantly… that was just the media being biased

He’s going to blow up the Government, or he’s going to take it back for You

You don’t care that the Republicans stopped everything that was going to help you over the last 8 years because they decided on the first day of his first term that they were going to obstruct him

The Affordable Care Act got none of the tweaks and the changes that it was needed to help improve things

The Infrastructure Program that Donald Trump is talking about – that the Republicans might pass – that will give people jobs – that President Obama and the Democrats have been trying to get them to do for 8 years – that Hillary Clinton was also promising – only she knew how to pay for it – she had a plan…. but you may still get your job – only it will be a bigger increase in the deficit or will be paid for by private money and you’ll have to pay for every mile you drive – we don’t know because you never asked…

A little Divergence into history – in the 1930s Nazi Germany gained power by massive jobs programs and people to hate

Your hope is that Donald Trump is going to prove that he is a better person than everything he has shown that he is

You say that you can about morals but you didn’t care that he didn’t have any

Your bet is that Donald Trump is going to rise to the office

Your hope is that he will put good people in around him

Your hope is that he will make your life better and not reverse every gain that we have made since the last man who did not win the majority

Your hope is that he will not get us into more wars

You may hope that political correctness goes away – that you don’t have to be disturbed by black lives matter anymore – that you don’t have too see those two men kissing, or be asked to make a cake – your religion says after all – but you aren’t prejudiced, you don’t hate

You won’t have to be bothered…

You may be reassured that now FINALLY you won’t have to worry your pretty little conscience about abortion every again because it will be illegal –  it doesn’t matter that they will still happen just with more danger and more damage

You may be reassured that now FINALLY  your pretty little religious organization of choice won’t have to pay for contraception because your religion doesn’t like it

You don’t have to worry

But you might not care about one or any of the above

You might just have wanted to throw that grenade

They won’t come for you, right??

Your assumption is that everyone and everything is going to just fine

You didn’t mind chants of lock her up – you didn’t care that that used to be “Burn her, burn her” – you didn’t mind at the visceral fear that gave to many… you just wanted to blow things up…

You might have cheered along with mocking of the “mainstream media”

A little Divergence here – in Nazi, Germany and every dictatorship the media is minimalized and disparaged…

But that wouldn’t happen, this is America, just because Donald Trump has threatened the media, he has never given them the access that is normal with every other candidate and he hasn’t given them proper access since he became President Elect but we shouldn’t worry you just wanted to blow things up

The Russians interfered with our election but don’t let that bother you

The FBI interfered with out election but don’t let that bother you

Voter suppression methods were active but don’t let that bother you

Your minority has been successful again

Hate crimes are happening all over this country but don’t let that bother you – it’s not your kid – just like it wasn’t your kid blown down by the police…

Swastika being painted, children are being called terrorist supporting c**ts just for standing up when a friend’s hijab is ripped off, children being told they would be tossed out of the country by other children

Black/brown children are terrified and being terrorized…

But you want us to stop playing games and get over it…

First they came for my  neighbor and I did nothing and then…

This isn’t my America

None of us know what Trump will do

You say that you think we should trust him but you can’t give me a reason why…

You say that he is a businessman – but you didn’t care about who he does business with

You don’t care about how his business interests might interfere with his governing because he told you not to worry…

You didn’t care

I’m a part of the majority

I speak against hate

I speak for freedom

I speak for love

I speak for acceptance

And I stand against Trump

With ever fiber of my being and I truly hope that he rises to the office but I don’t think it’s a chance we should take because if he doesn’t our country will pay and our world will pay…

As SOME of our children already are

My heart is breaking

Why America, Why




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