Heart Breaking

SHE is strong – decades of strength – we carried her by popular vote

SHE is warrior – decades of fighting – she fought the right way – we failed to shield

SHE is heart – decades of caring – she listened and she crafted – we failed to shine

SHE is love – decades of outpouring – she gave and she showed – we failed to see


SHE cracked a ceiling – WE shattered it – but the Patriarchy held it together above her head

WE are SHE

This is our loss

Our country now must be sure

WE are strong

We are warriors

We are heart

We are love

We hold majority yet cannon win

We see the hate yet do not stop

This is not a mandate

This is a split country

We must remember facts

We must remember truth

We must remember science

We cannot fail

History cannot be repeated

We can never forget


We must never repeat

Love Trumps Hate

We cannot slip

We cannot waver

We are America

We are meant to be a shining city

We are tarnished

We are broken

We must rebuild

We must talk

We must mend

Goddess watch over us

Heart is breaking

Help it mend




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