Not the Lesser

I’ve spent the last year trying to refute lies, convince people to vote for the democrats, support science, support a “fair and balanced” media and do everything I could to support Hillary Clinton’s HISTORIC candidacy.

Now we are a day before the election and I was all set to write about the email system drama convened by FBI Director Comey and then I stopped. I don’t want to do more than this.

Hillary Clinton’s big mistake was in 2008 – a lifetime ago (for example there were no IPhone’s or IPad’s in 2008) – was to have an email system that was run privately rather than through Gmail or Hotmail or Yahoo mail. Today, people like Jason Chaffetz, who is persecuting Hillary, use Gmail without getting a 2nd look but for Hillary it is always different. She made a mistake, but it was one that despite the hyperbole caused no damage. She wasn’t blatantly running around emailing state secrets left and right. Her system was not hacked – the State Department, GMail… have been hacked. We know what she emailed. We know nothing came of it but….it’s Hillary, she’s a woman and anything that follows, no matter what it is “her fault”.

Instead I just want to reflect on this historic candidacy and how typical it is that the historic component is all about HIM.

Every once in a while someone will mention it in the passing, that the historic nature of this candidacy should be being acknowledged but…

When they aren’t asking why, if Donald Trump is so bad why isn’t she doing better…

In every way possible Hillary Clinton is made to be the other, the lesser, the *

They are running the most negative campaign ever – NO – Donald Trump is running a negative campaign and the media is covering Donald Trump – oh and anything negative they can say about Hillary. Hillary Clinton has and talks about a positive vision of American and the future she is dedicated to bringing. That message is drowned out by Donald Trump. Only the negative ads, that negative campaign uses Donald Trump’s words, what he has said. We don’t hear or see Hillary when she isn’t talking about Trump. It doesn’t matter that it is 5 minutes of a 45 minute speech – all you hear is Trump – they don’t show her positive message. Time to cut to…

And so – this campaign is centered around one person – with hardly a faint nod to the historic nature of the other.

You here that if Trump was any other candidate they would be crushing Hillary Clinton – with nothing to support that. No it’s just the assumption that anything but the very worst – the person who beat the other 18 – could be losing to such a phenomenally bad candidate.

As with President Obama there will be every attempt to make Hillary Clinton somehow lesser. And, I have every reason to believe, that she will be in every way as exceptional as President Obama if we just give her the chance to lead.

Hillary has been leading the way for decades. The men who don’t want to let the girls into their clubhouse have been fighting her with everything they have. I don’t suspect that will change. I just ask you to remember that no one has every found anything of substance in any of the attacks against her. Take the time to do a deep dive – there is no there there – there is never a there there. Take the time to remember what the attacks are based on – a video tape vs an attack not based on a tape – huh – remember that is what the real basis of Benghazi is. Everything else is the need to find a way to get Hillary. This entire email thing – is what type of email system she used.

Follow all the threads and then remember that we are potentially making history. Remind yourself of HER story – and then remember we are potentially making history.

Don’t hate her.

Don’t mistrust her.

Don’t dislike her.

Don’t doubt her.

Don’t undervalue her.

Don’t make her an *

We are better than that.

We are fairer than that.

We are stronger than that.

We are stronger when we work together.


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