“Change will not come if we wait for some other person, or if we wait for some other time”

President Barack Obama

Wait, I hear

Someone more perfect will come, I hear

She’s not good enough, I hear

There are rumors, innuendo, I hear

The policies from her husbands tenure as President were not perfect, I hear

There were repercussions, I hear

She said the word superpredator – once, I hear

She didn’t do enough, I hear

She did too much, I hear

She is too practiced, I hear

She is too polished, I hear

We can wait, I hear

It will happen, I hear

There will be someone better, I hear

Listen to my experience

Listen to our President

Perfection is not attainable

Change does not just come

She is strong

She is honest

She is qualified

She has been working for us, for our children, since she was a young woman

She has always done her best

She learns from her mistakes

She can learn when presented with new information

She stands straight against attacks that have no basis

She stands straight against those that use no facts

Change must be now

Change is HER

I’m with Hillary

I’m with HER

We will be stronger together







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