Day 2 – Republican National Convention

Across Day 2 was the Melania Trump plagiarism. It could have been easy if slightly embarrassing. A major national speech that plagiarized from the current First Lady, who happens to be from the other party, is not great optics sure; but you acknowledge the mistake and move on. It’s the right thing to do, it gets people to move on, and it is even a touch of outreach. One woman admires the other and so quotes her perhaps unintentionally. Doubling down with a lie or a series of lies from common words and phrases to its My Little Pony instead highlights the lying rather then a mistake. It shows, in gold encased letters, that when Donald Trump says he saw something that no one else did it is only in that “brain of his”.

I want to stop here and admit that I have had a really bad experience with my dad’s Ukrainian mail order bride and it puts images into my brain that are less than serious. I can hear Melania in the background saying ” but Donald, my Donald,the words they were really good. They were great. I loved them. They were huge.”

The real story is not the plagiarism, which is bad enough, it is the denial. It is the many stories. It is the justifications. It is the mismanagement. It is also the influence of the kids on the campaign and what I bet is a fracture between the kids and Melania. The story that Donald was outmaneuvered into his VP choice jives with all of this. The kids are trying to manage their father into a successful position and she supports Donald and resents them for any interference. That is my personal experience influencing my interpretation given that I was blamed for my dad’s wife’s arrest when I wasn’t in the state at the time of the arrest. This is important not because of the speech it is about the denial of fact and the bad management.

Going on to the night I’m appalled. The rhetoric, the vitriol, the hate, the lies, the fact free atmosphere. How do you put words to it?

This wasn’t about Donald Trump. With the exception of his kids it was about trying to ignore Trump and lay claim to a party that is in tatters by persecuting¬†a woman. This night was supposed to be about putting America to work and I can’t tell you one concrete thing they will do.

What I can tell you is that the Republicans at that convention would work well back in the 1600’s and the Salem Witch Trials. What I know is that they are sure Hilary Clinton has had a role in everything that has happen on in this country and the world since I’m not even sure when. She was even accused of consorting with the devil – as I said Salem Witch Trials, when America was a continent with white people taking a stand, where men were in charge and women stayed in their place or else.

We saw this in 2008 with accusations of then Senator Obama being made to be the other. He was foreign, not Christian, hated America anything they could make up. At some point the Republicans have to put forth their ideas and let them stand or fail on their own. Stopping debate, avoiding votes and voters is not the way to govern.

I see nothing in this party to draw me to them and I see a lot to fear. Look at their party platform. That plus anything but Hillary is all they offer.



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