Day 3 – Republican National Convention

Well day three was a bit less bun her at the stake than the first two days. Yet, I went into the night exhausted; and came out feeling worse. The anti-Hillary attacks kept on coming. It has nothing to do with her policies. They hate and detest her in a way that is visceral. I feel battered by the Republicans and wondering how it was Ted Cruz saying that the country should all vote and that they should vote their conscience was the point where the convention was driven to boos. That they assume that voting your conscious means not voting for Donald Trump says everything about their candidate. Cruz outlined his vision of a conservative America and then essentially told the audience and the world if you agree with this vote for Trump and if you don’t vote your conscience wherever that takes you. That doesn’t seem like a bad thing. I don’t understand why folks were so upset. If your candidate can’t earn that vote don’t boo the messenger that says it boo your candidate. Remembering that Donald Trump accused Cruz’s father of being a part of the Kennedy assassination and has never walked that back or apologized for it one doesn’t expect Cruz to have good feelings for the man.

This day 3 program was to make America first again. As in Day 1 and Day 2 I didn’t hear anything that told me how that was going to happen or even how we aren’t first now. Thinking back there is nothing from the VP candidate Mike Pence that spoke to me or honestly that I remember from last night. Looking at my tweets from yesterday the thing that I noted most was that everyone seems willing to give everyone a second chance except for Hillary Clinton.

What I remember from the day and the coverage is that I’m horrified. There was a nice moment with a female astronaut. The thing to note with her is that under the Republican platform she couldn’t have served and so wouldn’t have made it to space. So nice message from her bad outcome if the party nominates her. She wasn’t there for politics and the crowd didn’t seem particularly inspired. As I type this, I’m listening to Rudy Giuliani yell against the Clinton’s. Hillary is being attacked for her husband having an affair and staying with him. The men who are most ardently against Hillary because of her husband’s affairs have had many affairs and marriages themselves.

That Witch Hunt comes into my mind as the top descriptor for this conference should tell the Republican’s something. When Trump says great again – I first thought maybe he thought the 60’s then the 1860’s and now I’m thinking they want us take us back to the 1600’s and yes, I know that is pre-America – not sure they know that.

Other things that I know are that there are two standards. One is for Trump and by extension the white male – look at the interviews for this week. A congressman said that no other “sub-group” had done as much for the world. It is eerily familiar. Hillary Clinton, and by extension women everywhere, are given no ability to make a mistake. We have to work twice as hard to get half the credit.

How is it that a man who lies constantly, who has a business record that includes 4 bankruptcies, who insults people, who spews vitriol and hate lives in one space that is being normalized by the media and through them by the American people. On the other hand Hillary Clinton is held to an entirely different standard. Every word of hers is examined and though she has been more truthful than any other candidate in this race she is somehow the liar.

I literally don’t understand this. It is not an establishment versus the outsider. It is two worlds. One that includes truth and honesty and integrity and the world of Donald Trump. It is the Salem Witch Hunts. It doesn’t matter what Hillary Clinton says and does these men and yes some women – there were women on the pro-burning side back then as well – who will be there chanting burn her or in these days lock her up though there are some calling for her death as well.

These people do not women in power. They don’t want a black or brown person in power. They want her sitting down and shutting up and letting them white people do as they want. It is not the world that we are in now. America is great now. We hold ourselves to a higher standard. The shining city on the hill doesn’t burn people at the stake. That city doesn’t lie, cheat and steal. When the shining city makes a mistake they admit it. We don’t whip people up to a frenzy of hate. We argue about ideas.

The Republican’s ideas. The ones that they were supposed to talk about this week or so horrific that holding a witch hunt is probably their better idea.

If you read this. If you aren’t sure about Hillary but are horrified by Trump please read her ideas, listen to her and please don’t protest by staying away or voting for someone else. That happened before and we got George W. Bush and two wars that he didn’t pay for. He’s the source of the deficit. We can’t do that again. Splitting the vote goes to the Republicans and Donald Trump. Also vote for everyone. Do your research. Know your judges, even your “dogcatcher”. Sitting out takes us back. It gives us witch hunts.


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