Day 1 of the Republican Convention

First, full disclosure I watched the convention, but couldn’t watch the speeches in full. The anger, the lies, the hatred occasionally made me mute or change to a channel where commentators were talking, but I did watch it all. I watched the floor fight that was shut down.

I watched Representative King say he was tired of hearing the white stuff and white people rather than the subgroups had all the accomplishments –  I am paraphrasing not quoting or plagiarizing but it was jaw dropping.

I heard the roar that came with the phrase blue lives matter and the utter silence in acknowledging that that isn’t the problem. The value of police lives has never been in question. That generations of racism and implicit bias are channeled through police to the point of violence and killings is ignored within the Republican narrative.

This morning, I was watching the View, my guilty pleasure, and I finally heard something tangible on why the Republicans or conservatives are so convinced that President Obama is “weak”. Last night Rudy Giuliani gave an angry, vitriolic, speech and that was what one of the co-hosts wants from the President. If only the President would yell the terrorists would be afraid and run away and go home and be done with decades of attacks.

Ignore how those same people would react if President Obama gave that type of speech. Angry black man would be the least of it. That is not how a leader reacts; and, most especially just as it is with a toddler if you give more attention they do it more.

In the past, in every war I can think of the military has given derogatory names to the enemy. That is literally what the President is trying to do and because it is him the Republicans want to give the terrorists full respect. So yelling and screaming and saying the magic words are the answer not the war that the brave men and women of our amend services are waging even now.

In fact, in that keep us safe night I don’t remember any acknowledgment of war. We hear about making the military strong again. Right now they say the military is failing. There is no acknowledgement of success. The military has to fail so President Obama and Secretary Clinton also fail. That is just wrong.

There was the expected Benghazi attacks, though I did not expect the raw emotion. My sympathy for the poor mother was focused on the people and the party that have kept her anguish alieve; rather than focusing on the honor to her son and helping her move on. From the beginning, this was a Republican political ploy begun by Mitt Romney, around the say its name controversy, and it was about President Obama. It became about Hillary Clinton because they couldn’t help themselves.

I fed bad about Benghazi, but it was four people. The millions of dollars and thousands of hours spent have done nothing to increase funding for State Department facilities or support for the staff. That was never the point. Getting the President and or Hillary was always the point. Finding failure was always the point.

That was the point of last night and this conference. They are full of lies and refuse to acknowledge facts. It is shown by todays refusal to acknowledge plagiarism or apologize for it. The move this morning was to blame Hillary for the whole thing and to deny the facts. And to Always Deny the Facts. Truth is optional and that’s not good.

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