Hillary is Trustworthy – Quit Buying Lie that She’s Not

I wrote this for my friends and family on Facebook and wanted to share here as well.

I try hard to keep the political stuff on my blog site (natayasworlds.com) – there is other stuff there too so you might want to check it out sometime – but here, today, after so much horror and since the person who I would share this with isn’t with me anymore and since we went to Nice together and I’m just hurting today – I’m putting this here.

And I’m asking some of my friends and family, who would automatically say – I hate her – to actually read the article and consider, just consider, that it might be true. If you can’t bring yourself to do that than just read MY message. I asked someone to just say congratulations to ME that she had become the official nominee. They couldn’t even manage that because that hate HER so much. And it doesn’t matter who that was because I’ve got a gaggle of relatives who would have done the same because they all hate HER that much.

I remember Hillary when I was a young woman just beginning a career. I remember the anger from so many that she was a professional woman and that she didn’t just put that away and go into the back of the WHITE House to pick out china, and say no to drugs, or talk about reading. No – she stood up and said that she was going to do something that was equal to her brains and her career and to serve the United States because she’s been doing that since she left her Republican father’s home. I say it that way specifically, because in those times that is the way it was said – “father’s home”. Go back to the progress we’ve made over the last 100 years – I’ve lived half of that and it’s been hard to not be on the white, male part of that.

I watched as she was hit with scandal after scandal – so complex and complicated – and ultimately unfounded and petty – that they were unfathomable. Because no one could understand them they seemed worse to many and they are considered “above the law” because no one ever found anything they could prove. So people see her as untrustworthy because no one can ever prove anything. Its the same with Benghazi, emails, and whatever the next thing is going to be. The ultimate conclusion, always, is there is nothing there and President George W Bush lied us into an illegal war and we aren’t even supposed to talk about that.

There will be other things and yes the Republicans are going to do everything they can to continue to prove that she isn’t worthy somehow. And that is the rub – they want to prove that she isn’t worthy of being President. They won’t consider her policies. They just don’t want HER in their clubhouse.

I’ve got nieces that I love more than life itself and other little girls and young women who aren’t nieces but I love them the same, like our dear Lily bug, and Margaret’s daughters, and Jeniffer’s little girls – or not little girls. I want all of those young woman, and every young woman to look up and see that yes, they can do literally anything – even be President. We need this and we need to find a way to judge her the same way we judge all of those white men who came before her. While you are at it, and way to late, you might want to consider doing the same for the black President who has been so horribly disrespected over these last 7 1/2 years. This is the highest office of the land and the most powerful position of the world.

For the women who still aren’t treated equally, whose 401Ks are smaller simply because they aren’t men, who didn’t get to present their ideas equally, who had to work through men to make anything happen, who never reached the positions they should have held. For all of us, please just stop and maybe give her a chance and if you can’t do that then at least let us celebrate a little bit. Just getting the nomination for US – it was a big f**ing deal and we get to celebrate it. We’ve earned that. We’ve earned her. She is flipping amazing if you give her a chance. And for all of us, for this country there is no choice. You get her, perhaps the most qualified candidate for President ever, or you get a hateful, spiteful man who thinks first of himself. If you can’t vote for her for yourself, your country, the world, for all of the girls out there, for all the minorities out there, then try doing it for me and for mum who is making calls for her from whatever energy field she’s in right now. This was long, but I am sad, my heart is breaking with all of the pain, the death, the anger. We need to heal and a woman is way more likely to make that happen than a male narcissist. Give us that, at least.

She is being held to a different standard than any male politician. Is it fair? No. It’s time to debunk 3 of the main attacks on Hillary.

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