Mueller Report -Table of Events

I’ve been wanting to put together some kind of list of all of the reasons that Trump and the Republican ruling minority party need to be checked and Trump and Pence need to be impeached. With the release of the Mueller report I’ve decided to bite the bullet and begin the hard work that is most certainly repeating the work of many others but I needed to organize it for myself. So far I’ve made it to page 8 and already have quite the table of events of note, question and illegality.

Reading as far as I have – to the beginning of page 8 – I’m continuing a multi-year state of being stunned that all of these connections did not lead to multiple charges of conspiracy. What I see are connections. Meetings back and forth. Talk about a Midwest state strategy which results in Russia focusing on actions of suppressing votes particularly in those same states. Intrusions into voter registrations systems that we are reassured did not change votes but no one is saying if a digit in an address was changed, a spelling of a name switched. It was called out very clearly in 2018 Georgia how such simple things can stop people from being allowed to vote. We’ve also heard Republicans in those same Midwestern states (and elsewhere) brag (out loud) about how they are selecting their own voters. Courts have ruled that Republicans are targeting African American voters with surgical precision – in terms of suppressing their ability to vote. And without a Justice Department to protect every person’s ability to vote Republicans are getting away with choosing their voters and forcing minority rule.

So with that here is a beginning. I’m not promising I’ll be this detailed for every page but I will say that I’m going to try to keep this up and show just how insane a situation we are in. Where a Chuck Rosenberg will say that “by policy Trump is above the law”, which he just said. Mind boggling. (Oh, and I haven’t done an edit of the table so take it as it is)

Back to what you’ll see. It’s a table with what happened, when it happened, questions or notes I’ve found important, and page references, not quite complete because I added page number a bit into the process and I haven’t gone back yet. I wanted to stop and post this to help and to bring in comments and other things you might want to know. I don’t know about you but I see meetings, I see information passed back and forth. I don’t know how and haven’t heard how Mueller and his team explained away these connections. I don’t know what bar they set for actual conspiracy other than requiring a recorded meeting between Trump and Putin detailing everything done down to the last detail. Part of what I hear inferred is that what happened at the June meeting in Trump tower would have been conspiracy if only there had actually been dirt on Hillary. Or that the Trump campaign was too ignorant to know they shouldn’t do this, even though the media was talking about it being wrong, out loud, in public. They were also wrongly stating that that Clinton campaign was slightly paranoid and trying to use Russia as a distraction from the constant state of object apology she should have been in for doing something so awful as using a non-state email server in 2008. Regardless, it was clear that Russia interfering was a bad thing and helping them would be worse. Certainly Trump was being asked why he would never say anything bad about Putin or acknowledge their interference in the election. In a normal world both the Democratic and the Republican candidates would have been opposed to Russian interference in the electoral process. In a normal world, neither candidate would want Russian help. In a normal world, both candidates would speak out against Russia. It wouldn’t matter who was hacked or not hacked. It was only in this new world where Trump refused to acknowledge that it was Russia who had hacked the Democrats, including the DNC and Podesta. How hard is it to say that Putin shouldn’t be interfering in our election.

As you might guess I’m saying we need impeachment two years ago or stopping an inauguration before it happened… or letting the person who won by almost 3 million votes be President. And WordPress is not letting me load the table so let’s leave this as coming very soon and in the meantime you’ve had the introductory remarks to it. (Aside: I’m looking for a better blogging tool than wordpress – suggestions??).

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