What Comes Next

There is a desperation in the air. It hung similarly just before the 2016 election. There was an impossibility. Donald Trump couldn’t possibly become President. After all he was an admitted sexual assaulter, a failed businessman with at least 4 bankruptcies. Hillary Clinton was the most qualified candidate possibly every. She only had a few challenges in her way. A “controversy” that should have passed in a news cycle or two that lasted the entire course of the election. Growing bigger rather than smaller. Castigated in the declaration of her innocence and then having a case reopened before there was even a search warrant. Called unlikeable, called untrustworthy, while her truly unlikeable and untrustworthy opponent was given carte blanche. Admit sexual assault and you’re not unlikable but be a woman seeking a powerful position and what trouble you are in.

We know how that election ended. It took the FBI, the Russians, the media, Facebook, and a whole lot of hate to bring her down. And she won 3 million more votes so Trump may have been given an electoral college win but she won the popular mandate. But she is still called failure and if only she had done… something differently. All by herself.

So now the majority is looking for that candidate. The one that can beat Trump. You hear this desperate call. The media is saying that this insanity cannot last. And they were waiting for the great white hope to enter the race. Ignoring the women in the race. Ignoring Julian Castro who was in before any of the women. Who is getting all of the attention.

  • Beto – he doesn’t have a job so he’s always out so they give him more attention. And his earnings numbers wasn’t as high as Kamala but here are all of the reasons why he should be higher.
  • Biden – he’s Joe Biden, Uncle Joe, now in trouble for hugging to many people too closely, under attack but still the “person they think can best be Trump
  • Mayor Pete – he of the hard to pronounce last name – who can speak a lot of languages and has interesting experience and look how he’s taking off cause the media is all talking about him like he is the next thing since sliced bread
  • and, of course, Bernie – he who would have won if Hillary just hadn’t been there. If the African Americans had just liked him more. If those poor people in the south were just more self-aware. If, if if – if 4 million more people had just voted for him. If Hillary just hadn’t been there to win.

The B team – those being proclaimed the solution – the white men who can win in the general. Or so they say. The ones that said Hillary was unlikeable every day. The news media who decide who and what they cover. The people who say Trump just manipulates the media. He’s so good at it. As if they have no choice in being manipulated. It’s not like they haven’t been jumping for him for a long time. There are a few exceptions. They are a very few. As if Trump’s insanity is really the only thing happening. The endless debates on Mueller or taxes and ever so importantly – who they cover.

Will Kamala’s speech get a minute? How about Julian Castro? How many have even bothered to take care to pronounce Julian’s name correctly, but that isn’t difficult enough to be quaint, it’s just brown. Elizabeth Warren got a fair amount of time, but then cut to Joe and that was it of the speeches we got to hear today.

So what is next? Who is next? How will the be treated? And who is choosing for us? Because the time a candidate gets is a big piece of how they do. If all the media will focus on is the nickname Trump gives them, how quaint their name is, and not on any policy; what does that mean? They tell us that we are not interested in policy, when it isn’t what they want to cover. Maybe because it is work, or because some of their favorites don’t have policies. I don’t know what comes next. I do know that we have to take some control because Bernie Sanders is Donald Trump just with more progressive outlooks. He’s no more interested in compromise.

I don’t know who our next President will be. I don’t know if we still have a democracy. I do know that if we hope to save this country. If we want to choose our next President. We need to pay attention and we need to look further than what the media wants to show us and make them show us our choices and then we must choose.

I do know that I really want Stacey Abrams to run. I think she could win. I don’t think Trump would know what to do with her. So maybe, she’s what’s next. Let’s find out. But let’s US decide. Minority rule doesn’t work. Time for it to stop.

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