Riddle Me This – Israel Addition

There is a rise in anti-Semitism in this country and around the world. That is a fact and a very disturbing one and one driven by the rise of leaders like Donald Trump. The response to it is, however, equally disturbing. Especially with the election of a female Representative who is raising all sorts of alarm, while male colleagues, up to and including the person installed as President of the United States have done as bad or worse. Nazis and Confederates marched on Charlottesville, chanting Jews will not replace us, carrying the Nazi and Confederate flags, culminating with the death of a young woman after hours of violent confrontation and the person installed as President said there were fine people on either side. He was not censured. The number of tweets, tropes, and flat-out statements from Republicans of all stripes, including Representative Jim Jordan, the far right, conservatives everywhere, horrific attacks on synagogues, all of that came and went without a resolution against anti-Semitism. The conversation about how serious it is, that was not held. So why is it that now, with this one representative, suddenly there is a resolution against anti-Semitism that many wanted to include censure of that one particular Representative. In fact, there is a call that she should be removed from the foreign relations committee. At the same time, Representative Jordan has done the same thing and there is no call to have him be censured or included specifically in this resolution or removed from a committee.

I’ve not reviewed everything that this Representative has tweeted or said but the items that I’ve heard have very valid questions. Even as I write this I’m wondering if it’s a good idea. I’ve been starting and deleting messages about this as I argue with myself on how to question this.

We need to be able to question Israel. Their PM is under indictment, and moving closer and closer to groups that are on the extreme right, which the news says makes many in Israel uncomfortable. We need to be able to question the treatment of the Palestinian people. Just as no individual should be above the law, so too should no country be above the law.

The Jewish people have suffered horribly, and yes, they deserve protection. But what about Africans, African Americans, Native Americans – they do not get the same idea of protections or restitution.

Listening to MTPDaily while I’m typing this, and they are condemning Democrats because they have not figured out what this resolution should look like because new members are calling hypocrisy, not that the panel sees it that way. No Democrats are in the wrong, whatever they do, the answer is they are making a mistake. Next we hear how Democrats have been “moving away” from full-throated support of everything that Israel does and implying that doing that is just unacceptable because support of Israel is just that important and cannot be questioned but their PM has just been indicted and he is moving further to the right. Moving so far to the right that Israeli’s themselves are getting uncomfortable. Without a change in policy, or a two-state solution how is Israel not becoming an apartheid state. Can we ask those questions since it is Israel?

Why does MTPDaily treat just the Representative in question differently than they do other Representatives, the Republican Party, Donald Trump, Donald Trump Jr, the list goes on? Why is one Representative in particular getting days worth of attention, what feels like hours and hours of debate? I think I know the answer. Do you?

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