Flip the Script – Impeachment Addition (AKA 2016 Part Deux)

The media is going over the top with the idea of oversight “actually” being “impeachment in all but name”. At the same time the media is requiring that the Democrats do something, anything while warning and questioning if they aren’t just going to far and impeachment is dangerous and political. Here are all the reasons he could be impeached but it’s political and nothing really matters, anymore. It’s the paradox that is tearing this country apart. No one believes that Trump is innocent they just don’t think anyone can do anything about him.

Impeachment is both something that is an eternal discussion as something that would already be happening in the old ” normal world”. Going nuts over facts that have been in evidence all along. The Time Warner merger – we knew Trump was objecting to it because of CNN. Going after the Post Office for having a contract with Amazon. Starting over as if this is day one – the only thing that has happened. From Nicolle Wallace essentially “this should be a big deal but it’ll be gone in a few hours”. Just like it was the last time it came to their notice. As always forgetting that as the host of an hour long show named Deadline Whitehouse she actually controls what is covered. Items don’t have to be gone. (Extra note: the same thing doesn’t have to be discussed ad nauseum.)

“It was a very effective political speech” similar to other demagogues, dictators, it’s something we should be very concerned about. Trump casually says that Democrats in Congress hate this country – we should be concerned about that. Those are the throw away lines. Then it ends always with “but he was elected”, the votes to impeach aren’t there, and nothing really matters, anymore.

Flip the Script

Rather than discussing whether Trump can be indicted, whether impeachment is a good idea, whether the Democrats are “overreaching” as they conduct oversight, or if they start impeachment; the media needs to look at the reality of the situation as a whole. It’s time to stop debating is it time or not, somehow being on both sides of the issue, to stop the butotherism. The media needs to make a list of all of the things that Trump has actually done, just a few reasons are above. They need to present those facts over and over again, rather than speculating about the same things every day. Quite going for the sensational rather than the factual. Study propaganda and gaslighting, study how to counter them. Study how the media works in countries with dictatorships. Study how to deprogram cult members. Figure out why the Republican party is so enthralled with Trump, why are they now in love with Russia as well, why do they not care about the rule of law.

Instead, what it feels like is the coverage that Trump received leading up to the 2016 election, only now Trump has the bully pulpit. Bernie and the white male candidates get the attention on the Democratic side. Today I heard on MSNBC that Julian Castro just wasn’t doing much when I’ve seen him multiple times on MSNBC but he isn’t white so he doesn’t matter.

Something has to change. Instead of trying to give equal coverage to “both sides” it’s time to cover the facts. And not do things that end with we’ll hopefully find out whatever Mueller comes up with. First, Mueller is only one piece of the puzzle. Two, if there is an option where this all just dissipates into nothing because the Mueller report isn’t passed on – we are already living in a dictatorship. Trump knows that all he has to do is go out and give an unhinged speech (not “moved to hug a flag because patriotism he couldn’t control”), he’ll change the conversation and he’ll get all of the attention.

I guess the message is that the media needs to change how they do things and they aren’t doing it. They have been repeating the same script for years. This isn’t a joke. Democrats cannot be held to different standards. Female democrats cannot be held to different standards. Crime matters. Morality matters. We’re in serious times and we need to flip the script.

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