I watch

I care

I try


What can be done

I don’t know what action to take

When no action makes a difference

The Republican Party has become something twisted beyond recognition

They have no moral compass

They have taken Donald Trump to heart and have gone further

Minority Rules

Insults are part of the lexicon now

Lies are commonplace



Norms no longer matter to them

Consider the Supreme Court

They took the seat

They said that the first African American President and those who voted for him didn’t deserve that pick

It belonged to someone else

Then they blew up Senate rules to make that pick happen

Despite Norms

Despite Tradition

Minority Rules

Despite Minority Presidency

Despite Russia Investigations

Despite Violations of the Emoluments Clause

They just wanted to get what they want

You want to know why our country is so broken

Republicans won’t compromise

Republicans say they will compromise then they back down and say give us EVERYTHING we want

We’ll give you nothing in return

Someone in a Conservative movement decided that we can never raise taxes again and so we have no new taxes

The Republicans took us into an illegal war

Based on a lie that used the same tactics you see today

Planting a story

Then referencing the story as backup to the story that you yourself planted as proof what you are saying

It’s classic

Minority Rules

Donald Trump violates the constitution every day

Donald Trump lies

Donald Trump Gaslights

Donald Trump is the Emperor with no clothes

And instead of our system stopping him

Despite his losing the popular vote

Despite Russian interference

Because of FBI interference

Because the Republicans in the House and Senate wanted a Republican President so badly they ignored warnings from the intelligence communities (domestic and international)

Because the Republicans want to win so badly that they literally work to reduce how many people can vote

But most especially because every norm, every law, the constitution all mean nothing when they cannot be enforced

You hear it all the time

Well it’s against tradition

Well it violates the constitution

Well it is full of conflicts of interest


Trump won

Trump received a minority of the votes

Won three states by approximately 70,000 votes between the three

Minority Rules

So everything that our country means can be set aside because one man aided by every machination possible was installed as President

This is how fragile our Democracy is

It can be ended so quickly

It may be over already

Can we restore civility

Can we restore the rule of law

Can we restore the idea that convention and norms hold us

Or do we need guns and police and ICE agents

Trump is carefully destroying everything and trying to hide it through war and through distrust of the other

Given that Trump is attacking Canada now

I don’t think we have very long

We have to defend facts

We have to defend the truth

We need to remember norms

We have  to remember that we are ALL equal

We need to restore our Democracy

Because Minority Rule doesn’t work and quickly becomes





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