Insanity Now

The person installed as President of the United States has made another radical statement with no basis in any fact. This one was the worst yet. It was aimed against both the former President of the United States, everyone who worked for him, and our entire intelligence community.

The claim is not true.

There is no way that it is.

If there was surveillance it means there was a reason for it and that does not bode well for Donald Trump and his campaign.

The media is running all over itself – AGAIN – trying to figure out what it all means.

Here’s my theory and it’s one that I don’t think is getting much play. I should toss this into my conspiracy theory alternate world but this one is too serious to play that game.

I’ve been watching not just my twitter feed but also the anti-Obama rantings and let me tell you I think that Trump is crazy like a fox and/or he has very good autocratic instincts.

This was what Trump’s base needed to divert from the potential Russian collaboration/blackmail/collusion story that might have been giving even some of his supporters misgivings, though the spike in Russia/Putin popularity among Republicans is remarkable. I actually worry for President Obama based on the twitter rants I have seen and past history. People were very ready to back up their support for Trump by switching their anger to President Obama. There were pictures of President Obama behind bars, cries of “lock him up”.

This is dangerous. Donald Trump has destabilized our government. He has already done significant damage to our reputation abroad. He is making the office of President a joke while at the same time he is mobilizing an outraged base that is sure his lack of success at making their lives better is because of the media, the Obama legacy shadow government, the disloyal voters who did not vote for him (otherwise known as the majority), the establishment, even the Republican Party. He is setting himself up as the lone warrior besieged and there is an almost cult-like group of Americans who will defend him seemingly to the end. As he himself will proudly proclaim ICE (60K+ of armed officers) supports him strongly. They are something of a shadow force that we haven’t really thought much about. Of our armed forces ICE is the only one I know of that is not focused on protecting and serving the people and the constitution. That is the force that Donald Trump is set on increasing. In addition, I would wager that a pretty large proportion of Trump’s cult-like followers are those in this country who are heavily armed.

So we’ve got a government that is by all evidence not able to function. A person installed as President who does not seem to understand anything about how the government operates. His staff has little more experience in the government and those that do are primarily from the military and seem to have little authority.

Trump is seemingly not filling the thousands of positions that are needed to run this country because he’s thinking about eliminating or significantly decreasing the size of those agencies without much in the way of thought, analysis, or actual need. Just as an example the new head of the Department of Energy didn’t know what the department did and until he found that out he had advocated on eliminating it himself…. ooops…..

I don’t know if Trump is crazy like a fox, under orders from Russia, or Bannon or… or just plain crazy. I don’t understand how this happened in the first place, except I do…

The Republicans have been working for years to reduce voting rights and voting participation from what they consider the wrong kind of voters. Republicans admit it, often, on tape. Courts have found exactly that, that Republicans have targeted black voters (for example) with surgical precision with voter ID, or exactly targeted Latinos in redistricting and actually both. Republicans had laws ready (drafted by the Koch funded organization known as Alec). As soon as the Voting Rights Act was gutted some laws were introduced and passed within hours of that Supreme Court ruling. When you think about the 2016 that alone could have impacted ~70K voters over three states (and many other states results as well).

And then there is Russia….

I’m not going through all of Russia in this post but I paraphrase Malcolm Nance who said that the hybrid warfare attack that we suffered included propaganda that did things like take a minor incident like how Hillary Clinton received her email and blew it into a major months long assault.

This would make either a very bad spy novel or a very, very good one. Either way – running the country is not reality TV.

If you want a bit of the details on how this all went Malcolm Nance’s book The Plot to Hack America is a good place to learn about what the Russian’s have been doing.

This entire thing is not working and it is not safe and I don’t know how we are going to fix it because either part of the Republican Party is in on it or they just  don’t care and neither is good.

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