Let’s Do It One More Time – The Double Standard is Alive and Well

Seething a bit as I listen to Mike Pence – dragging Hillary Clinton through the mud just one more time

Point at Hillary one more time and cry witch one more time while crying and complaining that one is under a Witch Hunt

Let me remind you one more time how much technology has changed in 8 years.

So in 2008 Hillary Clinton, new Secretary of State, made a decision that is familiar to anyone who has worked for a boss who is not an IT professional or a computer geek.

  • I want my email to be easy, can’t I keep doing what I’m doing now (my old boss was infamous for his requests for making his access easy)
  • For example, presumably Mike Pence had similar reasons to use AOL rather than the Indiana system, as do all of the other Senators, Representatives, others who are still using private systems for public work
  • It was unusual but not uncommon (if you’ve every experienced government email – especially back in 2008 – remember it was 2008 – Iphones were just out, iPad not in existence yet
  • The server in the basement – not unusual – my friend an IT professional does the same
  • This was the system set up for a previous President of the United states
  • It was not hacked – the government was including the State Dept was, AOL was…
  • Mike Pence’s email was hacked
  • Hillary assumed, rightly, that her emails were being archived because she always included people at State so her emails were going into the system
  • Mike Pence has not detailed out his protocol for ensuring that emails made it into the mandatory archival system
  • It’s true that she didn’t entirely follow procedure in that she was supposed to print out every email and put them in a box, with no order or method, just print and drop – doubt anyone actually did that, ever

During the Benghazi hearings someone realized that Hillary used the above described server and the Republicans were sure this was actually how they were going to get her since Benghazi wasn’t working (after multiple, multiple, multiple hearings)…

And so the new investigation began – I’m going to try for fact vs fiction (and maybe some snark)

  • There was a huge outcry that Hillary was somehow hiding this secret server and was lying about it – despite the fact that she didn’t have a .gov email address and it was known at the State Department and that she didn’t try to hide it
    Ok – so she didn’t fall on her sword immediately, fold up, and go away – she apologized and tried to move on
  • She turned over her emails to the State Dept. and because of the furor over it she asked that all of her emails be released so we would know what she was emailing about
  • There was a hysteria that she didn’t turn over personal emails which she wasn’t under obligation to do.
    Just as an aside – when you’ve left a job have you ever deleted email messages that you might have sent from your work email… I did
    Second aside – have you ever deleted an email when you were done with it, or if it wasn’t relevant – were you told to do it by your IT personnel if you didn’t clean up your email often enough?
  • Despite us seeing her emails, despite there being an official final verdict that there were only a handful of email chains out of 4 years that one agency questioned with a conversation on how to discuss drones in public forum, people are still saying that she violated or threatened national security when we know for a fact – hindsight being 20/20 and all – that she didn’t
  • We are told to just trust Donald Trump wasn’t talking about anything sensitive at the table ,surrounded by people who pay $200K per year + to sit on the patio with Trump and the Japanese prime minister, but still can’t trust what we actually know and have seen?
  • We know that Hillary used State Department methods like the one that Trump says he used to receive a briefing during that dinner with Mar-A-Lago and that email was not her primary form of communication because it was not secure (no matter where the email service is located – State, Google, or private)
  • Hillary Clinton did not store classified material on the server because she didn’t email about classified materials because there has been an exhaustive review and we know the result
  • There is not an open question here – it’s not a maybe – it’s a definite no with the very few (disputed) examples that were highlighted by Comey – there was nothing more there
  • This isn’t an o

So when you hear that Mike Pence was absolutely clear, no issues, don’t worry about it but Hillary Clinton that was still worthy of chants of lock her up, lock her up, don’t buy it. This is not a place where there are questions. We know exactly what happened. We know it was way over blown. We know that it was not a good decision. We know that Hillary Clinton agrees. We know she wouldn’t do again.

But that is it. Hillary didn’t endanger national security. She stopped being Secretary of State in 2012. If something bad happened as a result we would know. If national secrets had been compromised we would know it. What we know is that she didn’t notice the c for classified in an email about a meeting that wasn’t classified in an email that wasn’t marked secret and the c itself was actually mismarked. We know that there were a few group emails that talked about the drone program that were considered classified and yet the discussion was about how to present it publicly so the problem is where??

The Witch Hunt for Hillary Clinton continues but the men who pursued her, when the light turns on them, it’s nothing to see here – it’s a big nothing burger, move along. By the way, it was pretty similar with Bill Clinton – the men persecuting him for having an affair were all also having affairs or worse. There are two standards – one for Republicans – one for Democrats.

If you can’t see the Hypocrisy of this non- issue for Hillary that continued (and continues) as the biggest scandal of the 21st century – I’ll do a few more as the days go on. Benghazi vs just about anything but especially just the Yemen raid come to mind.

In all doings for this repulsive Republican regime I will hold them to the Clinton/Obama standard – what would the Republicans do if the positions were switched and this was Hillary Clinton or Barrack Obama….

The turn around propaganda, gaslighting technique of the Republicans is very effective and Donald Trump is using it right now showing Democrats doing their jobs and comparing it to the lies coming out of the Trump Republican regime as he tries to muddy the situation around Russia.

That is worthy or many more blog posts.

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