Majority Who




Cry baby

Sore Loser

Brought in from out of state

Say What

Liberal Activist

Some of us sure, maybe

That is true but I don’t know what is wrong with that

We are, one and all. citizens

We are active in our own states

Talking to our own senators

Our own Representatives

We care

We don’t like the direction that the country is heading in

We didn’t vote for Trump

He doesn’t represent the values of this country

I’ve never heard a President say so many negative things about the United States

The United States is full of losers

It’s a disaster

Everything that has happened before was done awfully

Violence, carnage, destruction, despair, worse than the worse parts of Afghanistan

Say What

I don’t understand this world of Trump

The world of Fox

The world of the Republican Administration

I don’t understand making things harder

I don’t understand post-truth

I believe in facts and truth

Why not just do what was promised and help stabilize the health insurance industry as we transition into the ACA

Why create uncertainty in the health insurance marketplace making insurance companies pull out

Why not recognize that insurance premiums were skyrocketing before the ACA, or remember that there was no promise of insurance plan year to year – I was a Business Manager I had to help our employees from year to year – prices rose, plans changed it was part of life

I had to explain to employees why a high-deductible plan, with a health savings account (HSA), might make sense and so I understand that an HSA is not a replacement for insurance

Freedom isn’t what we want it’s just health care that we want

Why not remember that we had a free market system and it wasn’t working that was why so many people were uninsured – care and profit are not usually both priorities – insurance should not be a for profit endeavor

It’s complex, it’s complicated, there are no easy answers unless we decide as a country that EVERY one deserves care

We are a wealthy country but we don’t have to worship wealth

We are a wealth country but we don’t have to allow all of that wealth to be gathered by a few

We have a bit of an arcane system and that is no longer working

The majority of our country has voted for someone other than the person who has become President twice in 16 years – Something is wrong

The majority of our country has voted Democratic for the House races and yet there is a Republican majority because of gerrymandering and voter suppression

We can’t just let this continue

Minority rule doesn’t work

People are angry and they don’t want to be told that they aren’t real or that their vote doesn’t count

Taxation without representation was what created this great nation we are moving back toward that isn’t a workable solution

The majority is desperate to protect people and the environment and our values

Listen to us

Oh and there is that whole our President may be working for another country part of the equation – oh yeah, just that…



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