It’s Not Normal

I’m going to try to speak to the amazement of this day. The person installed into the Presidency is trying to get kudos for “denouncing anti-Semitic threats” by saying it’s bad and it’s a long-standing problem and we need to be all about love. He also said that the National Museum of African American History was all about love and the dollars spent -NO it’s about a part of history that has long been ignored.

Donald Trump cannot seem to understand the role of the President or what governing is. This isn’t about him. It’s about the kids being terrorized as they are being evacuated from bomb threats or families seeing cemeteries desecrated. People are waiting for a President to act and he has taken his time about even addressing the matter. The first time he was asked about it he went off on a meandering path through his electoral win. The second time he yelled at the Jewish reporter and then went on to say how wonderful he, Donald Trump, is… he said he isn’t anti-Semitic, he isn’t racist. I really don’t care. Trump ran a racist, misogynistic… campaign and he invigorated a base that sees this as justification for their acts of hatred. There is a measurable result to this campaign and it includes the upsurge in anti-Semitic attacks we are seeing around this country. Regardless, the first thing we need is for the President to recognize there is a problem.  He needs to not minimize it. The second is for him to recognize the causality. The third is for him to act. I would urge him to give him a speech about it but I don’t see that happening or helping. Perhaps Jeff Sessions could give a speech about it reassuring the communities that he will… well… he could try.

Perhaps action is a good first step then. How about a task force to investigate the rise of hate crimes. That would be a good first step that would make people feel better… maybe

We need the President to act. We need to believe him. We need to trust him.  I don’t know how we get there but it’s not up to the country to get there for him. It’s not normal… It’s just normal….

Maybe he can get Nikki Halley to give a speech on this. She might be empathetic enough for it but I can’t think of anyone in this administration who can speak out and reassure people. We need a statesperson and we don’t have one.

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