If I Wrote This…

In addition to being a Business Manager and a political junkie I am also a science fiction writer and if was writing this story (and I just might be…) this is how it might go:

A new President Trump; installed into his position by a combination of Russian interference, FBI collusion, long term Republican voter suppression intentionally targeted at minority and young voters, a long-term misinformation/propaganda campaign designed to make our country and it’s foreign interactions look weak and ineffectual – despite direct evidence to the contrary, challenging facts, calling science a hoax – this president knows that his position will be shaky from day one.

In preparation for this, candidate Trump went full law and order and he embraced the police and he really sucked up to ICE, the massive armed border patrol agency that doesn’t have that long history of protecting the people and the constitution above all. He also spoke through red-meat rhetoric to those powered by hate, by bigotry, by misogyny who carry guns and guard them religiously.

So in my story, I would have my dark character expand the ICE force, add to the border patrol – armed forces whose first loyalty would be to the President and their ardent belief in his authority and theirs to protect the border, collect those here “illegally”. That term would expand as time went by so that other things that this President Trump might term illegal would come into play – say some kind of criteria like “really love this country”. He would have a massive jobs program – say building a wall – and he would also call for building of detention centers. Big buildings that can be used for his so-called deportation forces and who goes into those buildings well that is up for debate as time goes along.

That is a story line that I might write. It draws upon historical context and existing plans from the President. It’s a great  story if you are inventing drama for the fall of a civilization… as long as it’s just a science fiction story.

To read more about the results of the story ideas that I play with you can find my Star’s End series on Amazon. I write under the pen name Nataya and the first book is called Reach Beyond the Stars.

Look at what is happening today and you tell me – and I’d love to here from you here or on @Nataya – how much is fact – how much is fiction and where do the two meet – if they do.


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