Say What – 9 Feb version – Context Matters

The President was just defending his daughter when he went onto Twitter both his personal and OFFICIAL accounts to slam Nordstrom for stopping it business relationship with  Ivanka Trump.

Republicans have been saying that over the last few days

Say WHAT????

Evidently KellyAnn Conway turning to the camera and saying I’m going to do a commercial for her right now – buy Ivanka Trump’s products – they are great – on national TV as a government employee – was enough to get some kind of response so now Sean Spicer say’s she’s been “counselled”- move along – nothing to see here – ignore what the President did – we’ve counselled Kelly so that’s that…

Say WHAT?????

Now I want you to imagine if this was President Clinton speaking out for her daughter because – I’m trying to figure out even a possible corollary – because I can’t even imagine them doing this but lets say that a President Clinton slammed oh say the Trump organization for decreasing or eliminating its donations to the Clinton Foundation

What would a Republican congress do?

What would the media do?

What would the Democrats do?

The Republicans back in the 90s decided to investigate President Bill Clinton for lying about having an affair… why were they investigating that he was having an affair – it came from 8 years of investigations that were ongoing throughout the Clinton Administration. It wasn’t because there was anything there. The Republican’s just really didn’t like them. The best they came up with was the aforementioned affair. The sexual scandals behind the men who led that impeachment were all as bad or worse than anything Bill Clinton did….

Say WHAT?????

But Trump – why would we investigate

I could write pages about Trump’s problems





Attacking the judiciary

And I could write pages more about how the Republicans are just stepping back and saying there is nothing to see here…

They are so excited to go forth with their agenda they don’t care about the actual Republic and our constitution…

Can you imagine any of the last few weeks if the roles were reversed and this was a President Obama or a President Clinton

Say WHAT?????

Today you hear that President Obama criticized a specific decision from the Supreme Court and that is just the same as what Trump is doing and no on ever criticized President Obama about it….

Say WHAT?????

What Donald Trump is doing and what President Obama did are so different there is no comparison and President Obama was criticized for it. Context and facts really do matter. We are not looking back centuries where we don’t know what happened. We can see the difference in what happens.

Say WHAT?????

I hear a lot about Donald Trump being new to this and we have to give them time. No we don’t. This is out country he is playing with. We deserve a President that we can trust. We deserve a President that we can respect. We deserve a President who is looking out for the best interest of the country. We deserve a President that doesn’t lie to us. We deserve a President that represents all of this country and is conscious that the majority did not vote for him.

I don’t want to keep writing these Say WHAT????? posts

Sean Spicer this week has decided that hey that employment rate is looking really good. It’s lower than it has almost ever been.

Say WHAT?????

I remember just last week I think it was where Sean Spicer was saying well who knows’ what the employment rate really is. What does that number really mean?

Say WHAT?????

Candidate Trump used to say that the employment rate was 30%, maybe 40% maybe more and now suddenly hmmmm,  that low employment rate looks really good.

These are little things really, but it just points out the hypocrisy of the Republican Party as a whole and it is little signs of the real danger we are in.

The President is lying to us.

The Office of the President, and the President himself, are doing blatantly illegal things.

The President is violating every norm and moral and value that we have.

Little things that are actions that are of note – the administration is asking it’s national security experts for information about what are pure conspiracy theory which is a really bad sign. For example, they are asking about Poland incursions into Belarus – before you ask when did that happen don’t worry you didn’t miss anything it’s like the Bowling Green Massacre – didn’t happen. But the administration is asking about it.

Say WHAT?????

Oh and whatever happened to those Russia investigations. I kind of want to know if Donald Trump is working with or for the Russians. Or even if he owes them a lot of money or if they have given him a lot of money.

I can’t even give you a say what on that one. We need to know.

Oh and Donald Trump thinks that Putin’s murderous ways are just the same as what we do in this country.

Say WHAT?????

Say WHAT?????

My final

Say WHAT?????

for this post is that

The Republicans decided to pull our an arcane rule that says one cannot impugn a fellow senator to try to shut Senator Warren and Coretta Scott King up….

Fellow MALE senators were allowed to read that letter.

Tell me – if you are evaluating someone for a position and there is something negative about them and if they are a Senator evidently at least the females on the interview panel aren’t allowed to say something that might hurt the male Senator’s feelings. Maybe it is the case of those words being a little too close for comfort. Maybe just a tad too true.

It seems that the majority not voting for Donald Trump is something that the Republicans don’t like. They’ve been manipulating the system for quite a while now. They are a minority party that is winning elections because they manipulate the system and honestly our election system for at least President needs to change because big states are being severely disadvantaged but that is not the point. Right now, the country has a problem. The majority did not vote for Trump. They don’t like his policies and what he is doing is making even  more people uncomfortable. The Republicans want us to just shut up, ignore all of this, and let them do what they want – majority be damned.

Say WHAT?????

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