Redemption But…

We are the land of opportunity, but

We are a land of second chances, but

Redemption is constant, but

It’s more allowed for men, for white men…


Donald Trump

  • Started with a fortune from his father, lost it, was bailed out by his father, multiple times
  • Had 6 bankruptcies
  • Business failures
  • Business scandals
  • Tax evasion
  • Over 3500 law suits
  • How he talks about women – there are too many examples for any post
  • Complaints of RAPE
    • Going to trial on 16 December for RAPING a CHILD
  • Access Hollywood TAPE
  • He talks about being able to grope women, kiss them without their consent, go into their dressing room, where no other men are allowed because he is RICH and POWERFUL
  • There are confirmed cases about him groping women
  • He measured the breast sizes of Barbara Corcoran vs his wife during a BUSINESS meeting – using his hands to illustrate comparison
  • He’s destroyed EMAILS, documents, WIPED servers while under SUPPENA in direct violation of the law MANY times
  • He’s used every trick available (some possibly illegal) to evade taxes
  • He LOST nearly a BILLION dollars in one year – most of it likely other peoples money that he took advantage of to not pay taxes for decades
  • There is a lot of supposition over his business dealings because he has not released his TAXES against all tradition
  • We don’t know who he owes money to, we don’t know how much WORLDWIDE
  • We don’t know who he has contractual obligations to WORLDWIDE
  • No one has ever asked about CONFLICTS OF INTEREST
  • No one has ever said that the Trump organization must SHUT DOWN
  • The Trump Foundation, which he hasn’t given money to since 2008, has:
    • Illegally bought personal items with foundation funds
    • Illegally made donations to Attorney General in FL and she dropped investigation into Trump U
    • Takes credit for giving that is not his
    • Only makes promised donations if someone catches him – IE donation of $1M to vets – promised and only delivered because he was caught
  • To further that, Trump will show up, take pictures and then not give or give very little
  • Attacked an AMERICAN judge simply because of his heritage – said the man wasn’t WORTHY to judge him
  • Trump University
    • First off isn’t and NEVER was a University so that was fraudulent right
    • Fraudulent business practices (TRIAL for this is in NOVEMBER)
    • Took advantage of and took every penny from countless American men and women
  • Very few defined policies
    • Muslim ban – his plans have gone from wanting to ban every Muslim from the US now it is some thing that no one knows quite what it is but it includes Extreme Vetting that includes proving “a love of the country”
    • The few other things he talks about will be “great”
    • A wonderful new health care plan that will replace the repealed ACA – the best I hear is people shouldn’t be allowed to die in the middle of the street
    • Trump will do something to crush ISIS – he won’t say what it is – but he knows more than the Generals and he consults with his own brain – because he is really smart – it could include 200,000 troops or none – we have no idea
    • Wonders why we have NUCLEAR weapons if we don’t use them
    • Doesn’t care about defending allies if they don’t pay some way
  • His campaign is gleefully supported by White Supremacists, White Nationalists, the KKK, the Alt-right
  • Led the charge of birtherism against President Obama – forcing him to show his papers – and still didn’t believe those papers – only admitted that the President of the United States was born in the country this September – never explained why he changed his mind
  • He has more regard for Vladimir Putting than he does for President Obama (and frequently talks positively about more dictators like Saddam Hussein)
  • He uses insult, insinuation, and bullying as nationally as breathing
    • Consider attacked a GOLD STAR family
    • The people coming from Mexico are rapists and killers and he supposes a few are good people
    • Ted Cruz’s father was involved in the JFK assassination
    • Attacks anyone who he sees as attacks him
    • Mocked a disabled reporter
  • He has unknown levels of ties to Russia at best he may be an unwitting tool of the Russians (Malcolm Nance is a good source for more details)
  • He lies constantly – the average is 72% of the time – Politifact liar of the year
  • Read the transcript of anything he says (that wasn’t scripted for him) it makes no sense
  • He can be goaded to a quick unconsidered response (tweets now – bombs later?)
  • He takes insult easily

I know that I’ve missed a lot and I might add to it over the next week – hit me up either through comments or through twitter (@Nataya) if you have things to add

Hillary Clinton

  • Has been accused of everything from White Water to murder??? but despite decades of investigation there has NEVER been any convictions, anything more than innuendo
  • She made the MISTAKE of having her email while she was serving as Secretary of State go through a personal email system rather than using the State Departments – following the custom of Secretary of States before her
    • She apologized
    • We know that there were a few items that were classified by the agency of origin (not necessarily the State Department) but were not marked correctly
    • We know that that email server was not breached
    • We KNOW that there were NO repercussions from her having that server – beyond continued attacks and investigations on HER
  • Benghazi – she was Secretary of State during the attack on Benghazi when 4 people died -there have been 7 investigations which have all found there she had no culpability – but the accusations and investigating continue
    • The Republicans lack of funding to State Department was cut and despite the known need for more security there was no additional funding made available
  • WikiLeaks – the Russians have hacked the Democrats, they have hacked John Podesta (a member of Clinton campaign) – this has proved that they are a political party and a political campaign and not everything they do is perfect
    • Also we know that some of these emails have been doctored so we  can’t believe what we read – none has been confirmed – but it is being reported
  • The Clinton Foundation
    • The foundation is primarily the work of Former President Bill Clinton and their daughter Chelsea Clinton
    • It saves millions of lives with HIV Medication
    • It helps educate women and girls
    • It does a lot more but unlike the Trump foundation it is a solid Foundation that is working to make things better
    • Unlike the Trump Foundation or the Trump Businesses there are constant calls to have the Clinton Foundation shut down or separated entirely from the Clintons
  • Her job as Secretary of State had a lot of hard choices – you can judge for yourself but she’s been doing a lot of hard work and done the best that could be done at the time
  • Her rate of “lies” is lower than Bernie Sanders – the lowest of every candidate out there throughout this race – And she is called dishonest
  • She has many policies – she has detailed policies – she is laughed at for being a policy wonk
  • She studies too much
  • She is too prepared oh and
  • She got pneumonia and she didn’t give us immediate notification that she was sick
  • She also gave speeches as a private citizen – she was paid less than a man would have been with similar experience – success like that would be celebrated or ignored if she was a man
    • She refused to release excerpts of those speeches – something never asked for from any candidate ever before and far less important than Trump’s tax returns

I’m sure I’ve missed things on both sides and as I said I’m very open to revisions.

The point of all of this is that you always hear about second chances and redemption and how that is what this country is about.

When you listen to Republicans there is no REDEMPTION allowed for Hillary Clinton but they ignore or dismiss as important everything (or most things) for Donald Trump

I watch the View and for the women who don’t support Hillary Clinton her apologies are never enough somehow

Nothing Hillary can do or say will earn her forgiveness and I can’t for the life of me figure out what she has done that was so bad. When you measure her up against Trump there is no competition and yet his mistakes are shaken off and hers are compounded. His crimes are ignored and her HONOR is called into question.

Hillary has worked as a pubic servant for decades

Donald has worked to help himself for decades

She has a record

So does he

Measure them…

She is a woman

She is seeking a job no woman has held before

When she is working for us she is always perceived well but…

There is always a but when it comes to Hillary Clinton

So many people have done so much more and they are given second and third chances…

Redemption but!!!


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