Donald Trump lies over 70% of the time

Fact checkers can’t keep up

The media doesn’t bother to pushback on most of his lies

He is not called dishonest

He is not called liar

Hillary Clinton will not say that she lied when she didn’t and so she is seen as dishonest

The media (and many in the public) want her to fall on her sword

They want her to say things that are not true so that all of the attention they pay will seem worthwhile

When you look at the facts with Hillary Clinton there is supposition

When you look at the facts with Donald Trump there are lies

Who is called dishonest by the media more

Has anyone ever called Donald Trump dishonest

Does anyone ask why he is disliked

That is a common question for Hillary

Have you noticed that everything Hillary does is negative

While everyone continues to give Donald Trump the benefit of the doubt

He can stand on a stage behind a podium and read off of cards so he is “presidential”

How is that even a part of the conversation

Since when did looking presidential have to be part of the conversation

We hear over and over again that he is new to this so he is allowed more “mistakes”

We should give him the benefit of the doubt when he knows nothing

We should ignore the money he owes to foreign organizations

The Clinton Foundation should close because they disclose everything and do good work

If it doesn’t close even Chelsea Clinton should disassociate with it

The Trump organization can go on uninterrupted

The Trump kids can continue to work there

We don’t get to know what their financial circumstances are though we know they own money to the Chinese, to the Russians

We know that Trump has gone bankrupt multiple times

Yet we should trust his business acumen – he was just taking advantage of the system

We know that Trump “University” was never a university

We know that they put people into debt for literally no return

We know there is an active court case against Donald Trump for that

Yet Hillary Clinton should be “locked up”

She had the gall to use a private server instead of gmail for her email in 2008

There was a huge investigation

They found nothing – the Republican head of the FBI who was the person who persecuted her in the 90s decided to make it personal by making everything sound awful when he said there was no reason to charge her

The media wasn’t happy because they wanted a story

When she said that he said she had told the truth they balked because he’d actually said she wasn’t untruthful

Trump lies every day

There are new stories every day about his unethical business dealings

But we are only supposed to start looking at him today because he’s “not a politician”


Who should we believe

The person who lies everyday or the person who is called out because no one can prove she lies

Just about every story about Hillary Clinton includes someone saying she isn’t trustworthy

When that is said day in and day out no wonder Hillary is perceived as untrustworthy by so many

When Donald Trump is not called a liar even when he lies – what are we doing

When the bully is given full reign to do as he will he continues – that behavior is excused and condoned

There are not always two sides

When do we stop and say that the woman who tells the truth is trustworthy and the man who lies is not

When will someone who actively tells lies be called a liar

They say the perception is reality

We need to look at reality

Donald Trump is really a liar, he owes money to foreign entities, he has many failed businesses, he has many bankruptcies, he’s taken advantage of people, he’s violated immigration laws, he’s resisted and broken unions

That doesn’t even hit his racist behavior

Hillary Clinton has been working to make people’s lives better since she was a young woman

She occasionally says the wrong thing – and she apologizes for it

Sometimes policies had LONG term ramifications that did not help as they were intended – if that happened she apologizes and works to adjust

Donald Trump doesn’t apologize – he doubles down

I can’t find a time when he did something for someone else’s benefit

His signature phrase is  “you’re fired” and “build a wall”

The Clinton Foundation does enormous good

The Trump businesses outsources their work

He denies that the climate changes – he mocks the science, the facts, the truth

He says that the only climate change to worry about is nuclear winter

Let that sink in along with his comments about nuclear weapons

I’m afraid – are you?

Hillary Clinton is working to transform our energy infrastructure to renewables

To put people to work on a new energy economy

We should lead that effort – its good for the economy and the environment

It’s time to look at matters and let reality rule

Hillary Clinton will work for you, me, this country and world

Donald Trump will work for himself

I’m with her because she is with us

We are indeed stronger together


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