I’m tired

There is no equality

When people cry out Black Lives Matter – they are mocked

All lives matter or blue lives matter or white lives matter

They don’t understand

The cry is about people who just don’t want to be killed

They want to be seen as equal

When a white man holds a gun he is given the benefit of the doubt

When a black man, woman, or child hold a gun, or not, or a toy they are a target

There is no equality

When a woman runs for office – she is a dishonest and disliked

It doesn’t matter that she is by far the most honest person in the field

The man can lie every day, lie so much that fact checkers can’t keep up but no one calls him dishonest

They can chant lock her up just as they chanted burn her and no one objects

They ask her why people don’t like her

They never ask him that

There is no equality

I’m tired

There is no equality

The black president is called feckless

His birth is questioned

He is called liar

They simply lie about how he is perceived

They lie about his success

They simply lie about him

There is no equality

I’m so tired

Facts used to matter

Science used to matter

Why doesn’t it anymore

His life, his campaign begins today

Every word, every action she has done is judged

She is judged and held accountable for her husband

He is not held accountable for his own actions

Her daughter must resign, the foundation must close

His children will run the business, which no one says must close

We don’t know how much money he owes

We don’t know who he owes it to

We don’t get to see his taxes

His medical records are literally a joke

and yet she is dishonest, she is thought to be “hiding something”

There is no equality

There is a huge double standard

There is no standard if you are male and if you are white

We have to move forward

We cannot move backwards

We must find equality

We can’t just give it lip service

We need her

We need equality

I’m scared

I’m scared of him

I just want a fair shake for each and every one of us

A man said I will not tear down my daughter to make my son stronger

Give people strength

Give people equality

It doesn’t make you weaker

It makes us all stronger

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