Reach Beyond the Stars

ReachBeyondBrilliant and headstrong Anna Jean (A.J.) Summers is a premiere scientist and pilot in the Earth Alliance Forces. Rebelling against a society that says her only value is her ability to produce children, A.J. has designed a ship that the Alliance believes to be Earth’s last hope against an alien race they call the Enemy. Not much is known about the Enemy, since no one captured has ever survived to talk about them. It is enough to know that the Enemy’s only goal is to destroy Earth and her colonies. Believing that her presence is crucial in her ship’s journey to find a way to the defeat the Enemy, A.J. fights to be included in this mission. The Alliance’s ruling council has other ideas. They see A.J. as too valuable an asset to risk losing, so they ban her from participating in this mission. Convinced the mission cannot succeed without her, A.J. steals the ship and activates its amazing property – to travel back in time. Following a hint that the Enemy might have visited Earth at some point in the past, A. J. flees back in time to try and find even a hint of who the Enemy is and how they might be defeated. Join A.J. on her journey in Reach Beyond the Stars, the first book in the Stars End series.

This is my first book available on Amazon in both Kindle and hardcover edition. If you would like a signed copy at a discounted price please contact me directly. I hope that you enjoy the ride and would very much appreciate feedback here and especially on Amazon. I’m trying hard to find a way to get my books out there more and hope that you are willing to give it a try. Ratings on Amazon help me a lot. I’ve never been good at self-promoting but I’m working hard on changing that. All four books in this series are available on Amazon.

Nataya is a character in the book and the person who tells the story. I came up with her name out of thin air and didn’t really expect her to the have the role she does in the story.

My next book series is close to publication as well. It’s called Night’s Angel and the main character is a vampire/elf hybrid and is a very different book series than this but I hope will be as fun.

If you’re willing to help spread the world I’ll be forever in your debt.


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