Day 1 of the DNC in Philly

I was expecting to be floating on a cloud this week.  My cloud was full of storms starting on Sunday evening with Bernie Sanders supporters spewing anger and I wrote a short piece to reflect how tired I am of it. When I found myself yelling at my TV before our convention started I was surprised but not. Ok – so I’m watching coverage as I write this and I hear Nina Turner once again say that we need to do more for Bernie and his people. I’m really tired of being the ones who have to reach out. It’s not just about Hillary Clinton – it’s what women have been asked to do from the dawn of time and just once I wanted a celebration for us.

In 2008, I was an ardent Hillary Clinton supporter and even through that primary was much, much closer – she won the popular vote, after all at the convention I was cheering when she went all in for President Obama. I wasn’t angry that she supported him. I was happy it was what we needed for the party and for the future of the country. This nonsense of she has to reach out to them or that the party has to reach out to them  makes me a bit frustrated. The other thing is that they didn’t get everything they wanted in the platform and they are pouting about that – oops – I’m supposed to be going high but I’m not as good as Michelle Obama.

The whole DNC email, finger on the scale thing is a distraction. Hillary Clinton did the hard work and Bernie Sanders did not do as well. I’m sorry for Bernie supporters. They got fired up and Bernie didn’t do a good job of explaining the realities. He lost a long time before the last primary and Hillary isn’t the witch that the Republican’s (and others) want to burn. She is a smart, educated woman who has been trying to do what you want to do for decades. She started that work right out of school. She’s going to work for everyone and if you want to fulfill the revolution then quit booing, quit complaining and start knocking on doors. Get her elected and give her a House and Senate that will work for her and you’ll see some real magic. A president doesn’t do this alone and neither does a congress.

And just one more time Donald Trump isn’t an equivalency. He will do whatever a Republican congress wants. Defund planned parenthood, looser gun laws, no Affordable Care Act – it will go on. And remember the Supreme Court. Also, always remember 2000 – the third Party got us Bush and that got us wars.

Don’t BOO – vote, work, make the change, be the change. Oh, and for the person who said that Sanders supporters aren’t typical democratic sheep – none of us our sheep. We are activists, we are progress, we are change. Don’t diminish us to make your movement stronger.

When you take the booing out. If you can take the booing out. The booing was so disrespectful. The speeches were incredible.

The First Lady was magic. Our first family is so incredible. I wish that I could have seen an Obama presidency without the lies and the hate that came with it.

Cory Booker – oh Cory Booker – what I saw there was a different type of magic. I can’t imagine that he was booed also but he was. In spite of that, what I saw was a President in the making. I was watching President Clinton while he was watching Cory Booker he saw it. I can see a Booker administration following the Clinton administration.

The ever strong and passionate Elizabeth Warren, who will fight for us in the senate. Who brought forth the Consumer Protection Agency and will help protect it and strengthen it so the Republican’s can’t take it away.

What I saw through the booing and the heckling was that this is a party full of hope and solutions for the future. It wasn’t dark. It wasn’t about anything but the candidate. This was about a woman and a party that will bring change. Bernie supporters can get along and get aboard and work for change. I hope that happens.

We are better and we need to work together for progress. I hope that day 2 has less heckling and more respect. If you want to protest that is great but these people deserve respect. Give them that at least.

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