Compromise Anger

Female Power

Female Compromise

Tired of Compromise

I can’t tell you how tired I am

Last week it was burning at the stake

This week it is continued chants of Bernie

I’m not supposed to chant Hillary in return to Bernie

I’m supposed to speak of compromise

I’m supposed to be gracious

We have to bring in Bernie voters

I know that

But why don’t they have to reach to us also

We won

We won by a lot

This is historic

This is for every woman who is underpaid

This is for every woman who has been harassed

It hasn’t gone away, look at Fox

The woman’s movement isn’t over

The saying – there is a special place in Hell – isn’t about hell

It’s about women who don’t support women to move us all forward

Heard young women trying to say that without saying it that way

We are older

I hope we dealt with more

We fought hard so you wouldn’t have to deal with as much

Give us something


We had reasons for coming up with that

We have felt a woman standing in the way

I can’t say this is historic

I can’t say that Bernie was chauvinistic  – that was the “woman’s card”

I’m tired of compromising

I want my celebration

I want to be able to play the woman’s card

Just once

I want the Bernie folk to step back

This is NOT about Bernie

This is about Hillary

Turn your attention to activism

Get her elected – work hard for her, for us

Turn your attention down ballot

Turn your attention to the power that you have

Give Hillary a Democratic Senate

Give Hillary a Democratic House

You can do that

That is the power

Bernie didn’t win

It wasn’t Hillary’s fault

It wasn’t the DNCs fault

Bernie just didn’t win

Yes, she’s been a democrat for a long time

Yes, Bernie has been in government just as long

He doesn’t compromise, he doesn’t apologize

He went for DWS

Trump went for his opponents – Bernie was nicer but he was just as adamant

Think on that

Bernie never conceded

He blamed the South, he blamed the poor

He blamed the DNC

When did Bernie compromise

When did he recognize our historic victory


It was a big f**ing deal – as Joe Biden would say

It makes me tired

It makes me angry

Give us our celebration

We earned it

Honor Bernie’s accomplishment

He got the head he wanted

It made me sick

I’m tired of not being able to celebrate

The Hillary I know is a woman of ethics

The Hillary I know is a woman of standards

She works hard

She is careful with her words

Like most of us she works with the double standard

Her more than most

Please Bernie folks

Give us our celebration

Don’t take your anger out on her

Don’t take your anger out on us

She will fight for you

Don’t make another generation ask

Can a woman be President – is that allowed

I’ve heard that from a young woman of 22

Just give us our celebration


Don’t make me yell at my TV this week like I did last

We are better than this

You are better than this

This is

Our celebration

If you are a young woman

Fighting for your beliefs, believe me and older woman

You don’t want to live my life, you don’t want to live our life

If we can’t do this now, when will we do this

Don’t just assume

It’s been a really long time

Celebrate with us

Prove that you are better than this

Don’t make me hate the women have to compromise

Take what you got

Take your candidate and celebrate him but don’t take that as an excuse to ignore is faults

He doesn’t concede, he doesn’t say he’s wrong and he wanted a head

He got a head

Now move forward

We can do it together

I start angry and at the end I beg for compromise

One more time

Because it is who I am and more importantly

It is because who she is

Let us celebrate

Compromise for us

Compromise for the US




3 thoughts on “Compromise Anger

    1. Thank you – I’m always nervous putting out anything negative about Bernie but I want to celebrate this week. I just want to celebrate. I’ve waited for this so long. I don’t cry much but I tear up just thinking about this week and Hillary’s speech on Thursday may have me bawling like a baby.


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