I just can’t Focus – Facts are Endangered

I keeep trying to write a new blog post and I hear another thing and I want to talk about that and it goes on. I think it may come down to facts no longer meaning something. I can’t stand even writing that. People are angry. They want to blame the establishment, whatever that is. It’s the big banks, wall streets, the fossil fuel industry. The media. That last one is perhaps closer to the truth of what we are fighting. When a free press turned from investigative to having to fight for money every day we got in trouble. When we paid for our news directly, as a collective, I think it was better,

But its deeper then that. Facts, science, the truth used to have some meaning. I’m not a fool. I know that money, people, corporations, is a huge part of it. But its not just that. At some point we let them have control.

Everybody had to have an equal voice. So the non-scientists got equal and frequently greater coverage because they were the controversy. So when Senator Inhofe threw a snowball on the floor of the Senate as proof that Accelerated Climate Change is not real. The snowball, the breach of decorum got more play than scientists who could explain the science. Winter still happens on a warming planet. The same happens with guns, and mass shootings. What used to be covered with round the clock coverage has become a footnote. Black and brown people being killed in the streets has fallen silent to Trump. Its all being swept under the carpet.

Trump is a man who tells so many lies that fact checkers gave up because how do go you challenge ninety lies in an hour. When lies have become truth somehow how do you fight it? Obama has been an incredible, powerful, successful President but no one says it. I know it’s from the color of his skin and the power of his convictions but why doesn’t the media point out that he’s used fewer Executive Orders than any President in decades. When Trump began with his racist, misogynist, hateful campaign he got so much airtime that it made him successful. He was first covered because what he said was just plain awful, and it made good ratings. Then they said that they covered him because he was winning. That argument should have given Hillary Clinton equal air time but it is Trump that gets the coverage. So does Bernie with his huge crowds. They give impression that he is winning. He thinks he should be fueled not by actual votes but by impressions and those wonderful polls.Both Bernie & Trump use polls. It’s not science, it’s not fact but the media plays it as fact. Hillary gets all the negative coverage because she speaks truth and because she is a woman seeking power and that is a negative somehow.

Few are willing to come out and challenge people’s impressions with facts. They use wiggle words and the media gives more airtime to the lies than they do the facts. We have to get back to facts being told and lies being challenged. Even if some very vocal people don’t like it.




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