Republican Say What

Speaker Paul Ryan – speaking at hyper-speed describes the Republican “regular process” indignant at the thought that the process to replace the Affordable Care Act, the ACA, also known as Obamacare was being done too quickly. The Republicans are pretending that their process is an open extended regular order endeavor. It wasn’t.

  • But we’ve had hearings Speaker Ryan says – um, yes – you held hearing that ran 27 hours straight right on through the night –if you want to call that regular order, I guess we can’t stop you. However, it would be a lie, and so we give you that as well.
  • Saying we were going to do this for 7 years and now we are on the cusp of keeping our word I would hardly call that is rushing things. This is historic. Says speaker Ryan – um yes – you had seven years to come up with a new health care plan. Instead you waited until you had to and are rushing a bill through with no real hearings – there was no public input. There were no public hearings. There were no real hearings at all. I refuse to call this a legitimate process when it includes so called hearings that are held through the night for no reason I can think of except to literally keep us in the dark to what the real plan is. The real reason the Republicans are doing this is because they are trying to use a legislative maneuver because their bill cannot be passed under regular process. In the Senate for major legislation like this they have to reach a threshold of 60 votes and they can’t do it without compromising and Republicans don’t like to compromise.
  • The Republicans also knowing that their bill will not help more people and will actually cover fewer are saying that the Congressional Budget Office is over their pretty little heads when it comes to scoring somethings as complex as health care and even scoring it is not even worth their time. The CBO score is something that they depend on they know that the numbers are good they just know they won’t like the answer.
  • Republicans say that they didn’t want t o help other categories of people to get into Medicaid which was what the ACA did. According to the Republicans Medicaid was only meant for a few categories of people and we don’t want to let others get in and get that health care that they wouldn’t get otherwise and they don’t deserve it. And compare health care to airline deregulation not getting as always that health care is different because when you need it if you don’t get it you die. That is different from getting to take a trip on a place – which many families cannot afford to do. This bill will throw millions off of Medicaid and will raise premiums for many.

The Republicans are also indignantly saying that they must repeal the ACA now because they were sent there to do it and they’ve been promising it for 6 years.

I say back that more American’s voted to keep the ACA if we go by the number of Americans. Also note that a lot of people are now realizing that the ACA is Obamacare and they like the ACA. The Republicans could actually work with Republicans to fix the ACA. The people who are currently taxed to help the poor get heath care don’t miss that money. They don’t need a tax break in fact they could raise that tax and cover more people help, the people who aren’t getting subsidies so everyone gets a subsidy up to a certain income level.

Beyond that we could go to a non-profit insurance system or better yet single payer. Take insurance companies out of it entirely. It would make things much easier. Everyone gets the same care and it will be less expensive because you’ll have that insurance across state lines (which by the way is not illegal now – if it’s not happening it’s because states and insurance companies don’t want it to.).

As you look at and think about insurance please do the research yourself. What is coming from Republicans is a mix of lies, propaganda and gaslighting. We should be improving what we have not ripping it away. We had free competition before the ACA it did not work.


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